amiibo Cards: Opportunistic Nintendo or Greedy Nintendo?

"People love amiibo. There is no way around that fact. They are excellently sculpted miniature figures of our favorite Nintendo and friends characters. It would be interesting to see what percentage of amiibo buyers are actually using them within games, and how many are picking them up purely for collectible reasons. I think those numbers could prove whether Nintendo is smart with amiibo cards and jumping on a great opportunity, or if they are just getting greedy?"

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wonderfulmonkeyman1747d ago

I'd call it smart, since they can function just like Amiibo and will be easier and quicker to produce.
They might even cost less, being just cards, and they could be made with different designs per card a lot easier than Amiibo with different poses.

I'm going to go ahead and call this now; Nintendo's gonna put out Amiibo card PACKS.
Zelda and Mario series Amiibo card packs will be the first ones, and you'll have up to 5 cards per pack for around the same price as one Amiibo.