Every Fallout 4 Pre-Order Will Come With a Perk Tree Poster

Fallout 4 is a little over a month and a half away, and Bethesda’s been pulling back the curtain ever so slowly. Today, they went into more details on how the leveling and perks system will be working, and also revealed the full perk chart used in Fallout 4.

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GigawattConduit1744d ago

Man, that is one awesome poster...

XBLSkull1744d ago

My copy comes with the magic power of no disc swap ever, far better than a sheet of paper.

yellowgerbil1743d ago

I really hope it is a TRUE poster (full sized and safely rolled up) as opposed to a crappy game disc inclusion that is a folded up mess. Just because it is the waste doesn't mean it can't be shiny and smooth.

-Foxtrot1744d ago

Would be cool if on the other side was a map

I wonder when the GOTY edition comes out they'll do another one with all the DLC perks included :)

GigawattConduit1744d ago

I hope so. That'd be pretty sweet if they did.

Rivitur1744d ago

But but pc preorder :/

Sad I missed the 30$ preorder from GMG but I have hope for another 30$ preorder.

impet251744d ago

$30 really damm, I just cracked and got for $41 on cdkeys. lol

roguedragon11744d ago

So I guess I won't be getting that with my digital pre order!

GigawattConduit1744d ago

It's possible that it'll be a wallpaper or theme (on consoles). I'd be surprised if they didn't have something as compensation.

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