Joystiq Hands-On: Skate 2

A's reentry into the skateboarding genre with the original Skate was viewed by many as an uphill challenge. Its last attempt – the ill-received Street Sk8er on PS1 nearly 10 years earlier – and the fact that Activision's Tony Hawk franchise was the firmly seated king of the hill didn't help. Still, the game's innovative trick controls and return to a more "pure" skateboarding experience proved a huge success, outselling that year's Tony Hawk title nearly two-to-one by some accounts.

Now EA Blackbox is looking to recreate that success in Skate 2 ... not through the usual addition of modes and various novelties, but via some basic evolution of the gameplay fundamentals of the original game.

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Fowack4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Skate 2 is gunna trump anything that tony's got no doubt. I think i saw female skater, props for not being sexest EA