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In today's world of fast paced action adventure and FPS games strategy RPGs are often overlooked, or sometimes completely disregarded as a whole. While most games offer a feeling of instant gratification there are those that make you work for it. Enter Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

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dead_pixels1122d ago

Nice review. I was starting to think we might've been the only publication who enjoyed the game as much as you guys did.

Snookies121122d ago

I've seen quite a few really glowing reviews for Disgaea 5. These games just have so much content, one of the best values you can find in a series. Really looking forward to checking it out!

S2Killinit1122d ago

I Will be enjoying this. Good review.

Letthewookiewin1122d ago

Got mine pre ordered on psn!

SolidDuck1122d ago

Love disgaea. Last one I played was 3. The amount of content in these games can't be overstated. There the pinnacle of strategy rpg's if u like the genre.

TomatoDragon1122d ago

Been getting great reviews. I need to finish up Disgaea 4 already. On the last chapter...but there's still the hundreds of hours of end game content.

DarXyde1122d ago

I really do love it when the genre does well. Gives me complete faith in the revival of the PSOne and PS2 era.

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