inFamous Developer Sucker Punch Shows Sound Recording; “Can’t Imagine Better Partners” Than Sony

Sucker Punch is currently working on a secret PS4 game. All its knows is that it’s a third person action adventure with a melee component.

Yet, something is filtering from the studio, in the form of scenes from sound recording sessions, while the Founder comments on the relationship with Sony.

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SaveFerris1121d ago

I can't wait to see what they are developing. Perhaps it will be something a bit different from their inFamous series.

Abash1121d ago

Whether it's a new inFamous or a new IP, I'll be anxiously awaiting it's announcement. I always love Sucker Punch's games

GigawattConduit1121d ago

I would LOVE if they returned to the Sly Cooper franchise.

I_am_Batman1121d ago

Infamous and Sly are among my favorite vg franchises of all time. Can't wait to find out what SP are working on. Part of me hopes it's a new franchise but I really want to see another Infamous game. Infamous: SS pretty much perfected the gameplay portion imo but I feel like there is still room for improvement in other portions for the Infamous franchise.

UltraNova1121d ago


I would like them to take Infamous to the next level.

Ridiculous sense of power and mobility freedom(Prototype levels) with as much destructibility as they can squeeze out of the ps4. And yes its about high time they introduced flight as well, I'm fed up with hovering like a douche all the time. Oh and some physics based telekinesis would be great!

Couple that with a great story (dark story) lead by a deeply fleshed out protagonist that makes us want to help him in his struggle (easier said than done, I know I know).

bouzebbal1121d ago

i love sucker punch.. every single game they made was a hit.

I_am_Batman1120d ago

@UltraNova: The problem with flight is that it suddenly becomes much harder to have good level design. The traversal becomes less challenging and therefore less fun because you have no obstacles in your way and you can fly away from any danger without any problems.

I assume if Sucker Punch decide to implement flight they will find the right balance but it's definately hard to do and kinda unneeded imo since the traversal already felt so good in Infamous Second Son.

UltraNova1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )


Yes I agree in a sense but lets not forget that on previous Infamous games level design, enemies, missions, un-lockables, side missions etc were all tailored (limited?) to the traversal mechanics at the time.

I think its about high time someone tackled this elephant in the room called flight and all the issues that come with it and I believe that Sucker Punch has what it takes, plus they have the premise ready!

"...but it's definately hard to do and kinda unneeded imo since the traversal already felt so good in Infamous Second Son."

Why unneeded? Dont you agree that if we stick with the 'if it aint broken don't try and fix it' approach we will never allow ourselves to move forward to greater things and simply accept playing the same damn thing over and over again?

Hell before Titanfall who would of thought that vertical movement/level design in prime shooters like COD and Halo would ever work? Yet someone tried their best, innovated and now everyone is doing it!

We have had 3 Infamous games so far and all 3 of them have almost the same traversal mechanics. How long will that cut it in a superhero themed setting? Am I alone in asking for more, for that one step further?

We need something special injected in this beloved IP, and flight when done right is exactly that in my humble opinion...

r2oB1120d ago

@ ultra

Before titanfall there was Brink. A very underrated game in my opinion. The problem with Brink was timing. It came out when CoD was at its prime, plus on consoles that couldn't allow 60fps (for the type of game at that time). But I agree with you that developers should not be afraid to try something new to push us forward, it has to come naturally though. When things are forced, or implemented just for no reason or at the wrong time, it can backfire (aka Brink).

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Travis37081121d ago

Hope it's a new IP

It's time to let Infamous rest for a bit

I wouldn't mind another super Hero with powers
Or better yet! An evil Villian with powers.

SpinalRemains1381121d ago

Hell yes!

We could choose to redeem him or make him the ultimate badass.

I'm all for it.

zeuanimals1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Are you saying you want a new IP but with the same exact premise? The Infamous games are all about being a hero or a villain, why not just use the Infamous game if they're gonna make something that's pretty much an Infamous game?

They've already had the switch between characters with Cole McGrath being the playable character in Infamous 1 & 2 then Delsin Rowe in Infamous SS. They could make a new character again.

SeanScythe1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

I wouldn't mind the infamous games merging. Bring back Cole, but have Delsin be the bad guy. Cole comes in to take him down. But you get to play both sides. Delsin has his base cole has his own. Depending on which character you pick.

Also I believe it's time for a multiplayer with character creator and selecting you own power.

brando0081121d ago

I wonder if they're aiming to produce a new IP each generation; perhaps it will be a series. They've done Sly Cooper and inFamous, so I wouldn't be shocked if there's a new IP in the works for PS4

AizenSosuke1121d ago

Wow Sony is truly supporting those first parties :0

FoxyGotGame1121d ago

Yes, Sony are, and the console space is looking good for all gamer's!

I have no expectations from SP ..bring a Infamous title, Sly Cooper or something completely new. I'm happy regardless.

jerethdagryphon1121d ago

It was going to be a infamous game but sly cooper stole the script.

TomatoDragon1121d ago

Always love me more Infamous, if that's what it is.

SmokingMonkey1121d ago

Last year I heard That Sucker Punch shows the Playstation Experience up here in Seattle WA area.

(Chinese President is up here today?! Protesters and traffic galore.)

I plan on going there for this year's PSX!!!

(My co-worker) got InFamous SS signed by a lot of them...then he traded it in! Box and all to the Gamestop!!

Of course I kept it!!

Can't wait for SP's next game!

kfk1121d ago

Playstation Experience was in Las Vegas last year, and San Francisco this year.

Hoffmann1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Crash Bandicoot - ReBoRn

TorpeAlex1121d ago

Crash Bandicoot is a Naughty Dog gig, so no.

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