Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to Have Downloadable Content

Slashgamer had a source at LucasArts and found some proof that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will in fact have downloadable content for it. And that LucasArts is well underway working on it.

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N4M3L3554311d ago

Let's hope the new content will be added MP for the two consoles that matter. What's wrong with the devs? Giving the Wii MP and leaving the PS3 and 360 behind.

Sk8boyP4311d ago

Working on it? If they're working on it then they might as well put it in game now so it can release with it, giving us more bang for our buck. I think downloadable content should be from the community, the community asks for a new mode, map, more guns and the developers get it to them

Andor_Trask4311d ago

I agree...they should focus on making the game first...THEN they can worry about DLC

morganfell4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

Well they would put it in the game but Lucas Arts are still behind the times and have no issue with screwing PS3 owners as they still cater to the ridiculous idea that games on the PS3 and 360 must be the same. It is idiotic. Are versions of a game on the Wii and PSP the same? No. Then why this moronic notion of making them the same on the PS3 and 360.

That outdated, ancient, and dying game media known as DVD 9 is on the way out. Why won't publishers and developers usher in a new generation of games bu availing themselves of the space on Bluray. No, thanks to the Xbox 360 and the mentality that nothing should be free including the online service, we are stuck paying for items that should have been on the game disc.

Thanks goodness for John Carmack and Id software.

[email protected]4311d ago

I hope its like FREE content and not the paid kind. The other version are received extra like a extra dungeon or others stuff but the PS3 and xbox360 version nothing at all. I hope its Free cuz i'm not buy anything Online except the whole game of course(on retails) =P

Captain Tuttle4311d ago

HaHa! Sorry. I can absolutely guarantee you'll have to pay for it.

[email protected]4310d ago

^ Don't crush my hopes like that dude' [/sarcasm] =P

games4fun4311d ago


this is definately confirmation that they are going to nickel and dime you. They are already talking about DLC how about putting it on the disk you havent even released yet!

SL1M DADDY4311d ago

This is the nickel and dime generation of DLC. But as much as I hate not having all the extra content, I came to the conclusion that voting with my wallet was the best thing I could do. I just don't buy the content and if there is a ton of features missing from the game, I don't buy the game. It seems today is the time when devs figure that the retail version is the foot int he door and then they flood us with DLC that we need to pay more for. It's silly really.

solidsnakus4311d ago

no online modes = no buy from me. online is what made jedi knight and academy so amazing.

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