The Console Wars: Why They Have Just Begun

GotGame's Tim Bavlnka writes:

"With the release of the Xbox 360 in November of 2006, Microsoft had a full year to gain a majority of the market share, and did so with the release of great game exclusives, and a reasonably affordable next-gen console. A year later, the Wii and the PS3 were released, and while two years later, the PS3 sales have been somewhat sluggish, losing Sony $3 billion dollars. When Metal Gear Solid 4 came out, the PS3 definitely picked itself up by its bootstraps and began to sell competitively…two years too late."

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Genesis54357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

I think this individual has lost touch with reality. Am I the only one that seems to be missing all the interesting and innovative things being churned out by MS. Unless paying off companys and copy from your competitors is what they're referring to.

I know that sounds mean spirited and I'm sorry, but I think it was the authors intentions to ruffle some feathers.

deeznuts4357d ago

Can anyone take this article seriously ... when the 360 was released in 2005?

In addition, that first paragraph is so horribly written it's very hard to read. What is happening to basic writing skills? I'm not saying mine is perfect ... but then again I don't run a website!

Article is a joke btw, just called 2008 lackluster and 2009 as well, for Sony. Only the deepest fanboys would argue that.

La Chance4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

to admit the article is pretty biaised.But its not horrendous.

For instance the 2008 lineup isnt lackluster but its not as great as as people were saying it was early 2008.

@deeznuts below :loool , yeah , hes way off.He cant not have done that on purpose.Hes off on alot of information , even concerning the 360 , like hes been living in a cave or something. But I was talking about the "lineup" part.

I saw the article in pending but I didnt post in it cuz I thought looking at all the faults it was gonna get reported.

deeznuts4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

La Chance, you really think it's only slightly balanced and not horrendous? Really?

"Worldwide sales of the Xbox are still double what “The Triple” has"

Explain yourself!

EDIT: la chance, yea after seeing hte numerous mistakes, I just couldn't even bring myself to analyze the article, it doesn't merit significant discussion.

Maddens Raiders4357d ago

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Xbox fans are proud loyal white americans and brits i think !"

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Thank You kindly sir/ma'am, take care.

The Wood4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

case some people are acting real stupid.. How does your sister taste by the way

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ZombieNinjaPanda4357d ago

"but their game line-up for 2008 is lack luster at best, and with the E3 announcements, 2009 isn’t looking much better. "

Dude must be living underneath a rock.

Last time I checked, I won't have enough money to buy all the great games that are coming out in 2008 and 2009. And that is at least 15 good games.

So how the hell is that lackluster at best?

La Chance4357d ago

I thought the article was some kind of trap...
Is this a joke from the contributors ?

morganfell4357d ago

This article is skewed in a serious way. First off, if you don't know what year the 360 launched your fingers should be snapped, your hands broken off at the wrist and shoved up your rectum the next time you try to write an article about gaming. Whoever approved this trash should have their privileges revoked. That line alone should have been a warning sign. All it says is "I am a 360 fan and look how desperate I am. I no longer care if my BS is transparent."

Sales for the PS3 have been sluggish? Since it has sold faster worldwide what does that say about 360 sales?

It has outsold the 360 in the equivalent time period and now sits 5 million or less from the 360 lead. It has managed this in less than 2 years. And sales are only accelerating. With the DVD9 issue looming larger and more prominent devs pushing the PS3 first - Mirrors Edge anyone - or Rage or Doom 4 - things do not look rosy for the 360.

This article is tripe. And the console war has been on since MS first unveiled the 360 and the Nintendo responded as did Sony. The console war for this gen began before the first unit was sold.

This writer is a bit of a dunce.

SuperM4357d ago

Wow this article is hillarious. "Worldwide sales of the Xbox are still double what “The Triple” has". Is it just me or did he just say that the xbox has sold double as much as the ps3 worldwide? Where did this guy get his numbers from? Nextgenwars? This guy has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. He obviously has no idea what games are coming out for ps3 that has been announced for 09. Funny he mention how the 09 lineup looks bad for the ps3 when the 360 have yet to announce any 09 games... this guy is biased and hes stupid

Dark General4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Is a understatement. You know how i knew it was going to be bullshit? When in the opening statement it said "With the release of the Xbox 360 in November of 2006". Anyone and i mean who even remotely follows gaming knows the 360 came out in 2005. Then he proceeded to say a year later ps3 and wii came out, then talks about MGS4 coming out 2 years after the Ps3 came out. Can he not do math? I mean that's simple enough right? Apparently not. Also he said the 2009 lineup is looking lackluster as well, we don't even KNOW of any 360 games coming in 2009 besides possibly Alan Wake (looking forward that).

Then he says the 2008 lineup is lackluster at best? What does he think of the 360's lineup with only Gears 2 and Fable 2 remaining? I mean seriously what type of trashy one sided article is this? Then he says the ps3 exclusives is like trying to find a gem in the sewer i mean the more i read it the more absurd the article becomes. He sounds like he never played a Ps3 exclusive not MGS4, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank NOTHING. Yet he says the exclusives is garbage?

Finally he says some bullshit about the 360 having double the sales of the ps3. If i remember correctly the lead of the 360 is only 5 million sales worldwide. Seriously this is the most bullshit case of journalism i've seen in my life with the most bullshit of facts and opinions. Even the most hardcore of 360 fanboys i know wouldn't lie this much, hell i'm sure they wouldn't print a biased, trashy article like this. And he dares call himself a journalist.

IcarusOne4357d ago

But I completely agree with it. Especially the following quote:

"...people who own a PS3 are so dedicated to the system that they will play through garbage and call it a ‘marvelous technological achievement’ that can’t be missed." For me, this specifically applies to Resistance and Uncharted. (for Resistance, "garbage" is a bit harsh, but for Uncharted it's right on the money)

I own both systems, 360 and PS3, and I enjoy them both. But I get much more mileage out of my 360.

Dark General4357d ago

You actually think Uncharted is garbage? That's a first. Most people i know like Uncharted but different strokes for different folks. I personally didn't like Resistance that much and think it's way over praised. But Uncharted is one of the best games (in my opinion) that i played. I haven't had as much fun with a original IP since i played the first GoW.

SuperM4357d ago

Oh, so you agree that xbox came out in 2006, and that MGS4 came out in 2009 (dont know how that is possible, but hey thats what the article says so i guess it has to be true). You agree that xbox has twice as many sold units as the ps3? you agree that the 09 lineup for ps3 looks bad even though atleast 4 games have already been confirmed for 09 (Killzone 2, infamous, MAG, God of War... also possibly GT5, aswell as whatever unnanounced projects they have going, team ico etc.)? so far, as far as i know nothing is yet confirmed 09 for xbox. Im sorry but if you agree with this garbage article then there is something wrong with you. You are an ignorant fool. If there is anything i dont like in this world its ignorant people (and there are way to many of them).

callahan094357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Dunno if it's been mentioned already, but, uh... November 2006? Sorry: Xbox 360 was released in November 2005.

I'll tell ya, these "console wars" article writers always get their facts wrong. Last week there was one that claimed something along the lines of "and now that 3 years have passed since the release of the Playstation 3..." well, newsflash to the writer of last week's resident console wars article, the PS3 has not even been out for 2 years yet. The 360 is the one going into its 4th year this November while the PS3 begins year 3.

Let's take a look at this quote:

"...people who own a PS3 are so dedicated to the system that they will play through garbage and call it a ‘marvelous technological achievement’ that can’t be missed." For me, this specifically applies to Resistance and Uncharted. (for Resistance, "garbage" is a bit harsh, but for Uncharted it's right on the money)"

He's saying Resistance was bad (essentially) and that Uncharted was "garbage?" This guy has absolutely no idea what a bad game is, and also no idea what a good game is. He's a fool, simply and utterly. A fanboy. Someone not worth one iota of attention. Incorrect "facts" and fully obvious fanboyism do not make for a good journalistic article.

eagle214357d ago

IGN (USA) PS3 Scores

Metal Gear Solid 4: Gun's of The Patriot's - 10, 10 Game Informer, 10 Gamepro
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - 9.1
Ratchet & Clank: Future Tools of Destruction - 9.4
Warhawk - 8.8
Folklore - 9.0
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - 8.5
Ninja Gaiden Sigma - 9.4 (highest scoring NG this generation)
Resistance: Fall of Man - 9.1, 5/5 xplay, 9.5 Game Informer
MLB 08': The Show - 8.7
Pixeljunk Monsters - 8.5
Motorstorm- 8.9 , 9.0 IGN UK
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds - 8.9

That's just off the top of my head, not even including multiplats that are high scoring. Even Bioshock is headed to PS3. PS3 has the best line-up on the planet.

ZombieNinjaPanda4357d ago

Woah Dude! You got an expensive hobby there!

Many good choices =P

Tidus114357d ago

AS a Dual console owner I can not believe how horrorably biased they are... thier is perks to both consoles but this article trys to turn every perk of the PS3 and spin it into a negative

was a good laugh though :)

morganfell4357d ago

A little, but it is a hobby I like..a lot. They are all PS3 reserves with 1 PS2 - Yakuza2. Resident Evil 5 isn't available for reservation and I am waiting on more solid dates for others like inFamous next year. I haven't reserved Killzone 2 yet because I am waiting to see if they are going to have a Collector's or Limited edition. There are others I would rserve as well but they haven't been street dated yet.

The only announced 360 game I am waiting on is HALO Wars.

Bangladesh4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Agreed Breakfast. I stopped reading at "Xbox 360 launched in November 2006". This guy doesn't even know when the consoles launched.

And Callahan, I hate to laugh at you buddy. But you make fun of the articles author just like I did, but then make the same mistake he did. The 360 will be 3 yrs old this November (not 4), and the Ps3 and Wii will be 2. Edit- Ok I see what you meant now. It still sounds wrong to me though.

Bangladesh4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Look there is no doubt that the ps3 has some good games. But best library? No, sorry. It's proclamations like that that make sony fanboys look just as silly as the author of this 360 biased article.

The TRUTH is...
PS3 & Wii

the 360 has more high quality games than the PS3 & Wii combined.

eagle214357d ago

Metacritic is flawed. Some games don't even have scores from some of the sites for other games. It's flawed. I named all first party exclusives and I could keep going. PS3 has better exclusives in my opinion. Bioshock is multiplatform.

Oblivion is 9.2 IGN for PS3....

Blue Dragon is 7.9 IGN.....
Yeah metacritic for Blue Dragon is in the 70's. So I guess that one is

We don't care for metacritic, only donald mattrick and you. You post that like it's religion. IGN and Game Informer are respected well enough to post their scores.

OMG, if I judged how good a movie or CD was by metacritic ... LMAO

Bangladesh4357d ago

I'm not going to waste any more time arguing with an ignorant fanboy like you. I know you're wrong, you know you're wrong, and anyone that isn't illiterate know's you're wrong. Why don't you go hang out in the Open Zone, where you should be.

eagle214357d ago

We know the bias in the media last year. It sounded quite like this article. So go live in 2007 with metacritic. Go to IGN you if you don't think what I posted was "real". Please check each and every score.

I never said 360 didn't have good games. You just don't want to see the awesome PS3 ones. I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that Bioshock was coming to PS3. That's about the only thing I even said related to 360. Or that IGN gave Blue Dragon a 7.9. I'm sorry they gave it a 10. No, I think it was an 11.

Disagree all you want. This article should have never been posted. 360 released worldwide in 2005. Every sentence of this article is biased. Again, (my opinion) PS3 has the best line-up. If you can't sleep because of my opinion, then take a sleeping pill. :)

Bangladesh4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

I agree that this article is fanboy drivel, but your comment above is on the same level. Over exaggeration, flat lieing, all with a hint of contempt. Yep same sh*t, coming from two different a**es.

lol and don't patronize yourself into thinking that I would be losing sleep, or even remotely caring about some random fanboy on the internet. I'm not missing out on gaming by selling my soul to a mega corporation that doesn't even know that I exist, you and the idiot that wrote this article are.

callahan094357d ago

"And Callahan, I hate to laugh at you buddy. But you make fun of the articles author just like I did, but then make the same mistake he did. The 360 will be 3 yrs old this November (not 4), and the Ps3 and Wii will be 2. Edit- Ok I see what you meant now. It still sounds wrong to me though."

That's where you're wrong. I did not say the 360 will be 4 years old. I said it will be entering its 4th year. Do the math: November 2005 = start of the first year, November 2006 = start of the second year, November 2007 = start of the third year... so what's that make November 2008?

The first year of a baby's life, for instance, is between the ages of 0 and 1. Once the baby turns 1, it's beginning its second year of life. Get it?

eagle214357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

You are calling me an idiot? You look so foolish when this article is attacking PS3 E-X-C-L-U-S-I-V-E-S, and I only listed exclusive PS3 scores. What does this have to do with 360? You just don't want to admit that metacritic was irrelevant to this article. You are off topic and weak. Yeah, the author is an idiot. I am only concerned with the quality of exclusives.

I feel PS3 has the best exclusive line-up. Deal with it. You can enjoy calling names and looking like a metacritic fan as much as you want. Don't let me start listing the TRUTH. I can go all day about the TRUTH. But that wouldn't be on topic. :)

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wicked4357d ago

I agree good article but I can not see it going down well on this site.

Genesis54357d ago

Well I see you got half your name right anyways. I'll let everyone else decide which half.

deeznuts4357d ago

"Worldwide sales of the Xbox are still double what “The Triple” has."

That's what the writer said. If you agree with that then ... well ... you're either delusional or really bad at basic math. So which one is it?

The Wood4357d ago

sarcasm at its sharpest


ash_divine4357d ago

you know you've made it big when there's someone out there who won't to be just like you. I can't believe some guy's that big of a loser. and I love how they try to say I'm a 360 fanboy, even though I only own a PS3.

PS: guy's it's either Silogon, or Cahill, well who ever you are I just want you to know that I'm so proud of you son, you wanna be just like daddy.

RememberThe3574357d ago

...because you can't tell whether you are or not due to the fact that you typed and all. If you are, than your mildly amusing. If not, than your an idiot.

ash_divine4357d ago

some idiots trying to be just like me. look at the names. so I figured if he liked me that much he won't mind me PMing the hell outta him.

that's right junior, everywhere you go I'll be right there aswell. it's like I'm you you're new shadow.

report everything this guys says as SPAM, this loser needs to get a life of his own instead of pretending to take mine. YOU HEARD ME SILOGON.

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PimpHandStrong4357d ago

thats funny because in my book it is coming to a end

we no longer will hear about PORTS sukin

we no longer hear about LACK of games

we no longer will hear about the PS3's death

all we hear now is stuff about games we want to play and about the great stuff we are playing daily!

cmrbe4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Worst article i have read in a while. He mentioned GT as a possible franchise that MS could poach. If this person had done some researched he would have found that GT is first party. 2009 not being better. Fu*k. GOW 3, FF13, GT5, Team ICO project not good?. Why do these fu*king idiots write stuff they know sh*t about?.

He going on about DD distribution and Blu ray again. Sounds like this guy is still living in 2007. What a f*cking moron.

RememberThe3574357d ago

If he was truly a gamer he'd know that sh*t already. What a moron...

DarkSniper4357d ago

The console war ended on June 12, 2008. Dark Sniper assures you Xbox 360 has no counter to the ongoing momentum and retail thrashing that PLAYSTATION®3 has given them.

When it comes to consoles, only PLAYSTATION®3 can give you the true fufillment of why you are a gamer. Dark Sniper has 4 PLAYSTATION®3 consoles set up in his home to give him the sense of security that he is being surrounded by greatness.


ThatCanadianGuy4357d ago

4? LOL! damn dude..
that puts my two to shame ._.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4357d ago

Yeah the PS3 Vs............Wii!!!(Even tho Wii is just a Toy!) ;-D
xBox 360 is Finished!!! It's had it's 15 minutes of Fame!
Fade away now...bye bye... ;)

@DarkSniper ;) 4 PS3's??? Nice one;)

Light Yagami4357d ago

Its over when I say it's over. I have everything planned since the beginning. No one will see it coming. Trust me.

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