Assassin's Creed Syndicate PS4 hands-on: Time to move on AC fans, it's a new day - Examiner

For those who are still touched by last year's game, it's time to move on because Assassin's Creed Syndicate launches in a month and it is looking surprisingly good.

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SuperJay1821749d ago

I'm on the 'enjoyed unity' side... I had one framerate stutter on PS4 and that was it, so minimal bugs for me.. would seem I got lucky on that front!

die_fiend1749d ago

Haha, one framerate stutter, that's hilarious.

Go play a 60fps game like MGSV and come back to Unity and tell me there's only one stutter.

The whole game was a stutter, it was so rare that it hit 30fps!

It's not that you got lucky, it's that ignorance is bliss. I wish I was blind too.

PersonMan1749d ago

Unity wasn't that bad. It was still playable. I don't remember even once being annoyed by the frame rate. I was paying more attention to what I was doing rather than watch if the frame rate was bad.

Baka-akaB1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

It might have been playable , but it was hardly as if people were on the lookout for issues rather than enjoying the game . It was no case like the Witcher with the occasional stutter , and the game feeling sluggish but fully enjoyable .... at release , Unity started with massive slowdowns , during both cutscenes and playable phases ...

We even saw people failing hard at the tutorial phases because of those slowdowns and the game was incredibly unstable and buggy .

Sure they fixed a lot of it . But that patching process was slow and over months .. people moved on to better things . And it didnt help that while a decent game without the issues , it wasnt an exhilarating and gripping tale , despite the potential of the setting

Der_Kommandant1749d ago

The story trailer brought hope to me.