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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

I have become something of a MOBA fanatic over the last year. I have come to expect certain things from the genre, which made me skeptical that it would translate well to the Xbox One because of the controller interface. I am happy to say that SMITE works very well on the Xbox One, and is an absolute blast to play.

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FlexLuger1755d ago

One of the best game I played this year.

Foehammer1755d ago

Good to know

This is the first review I've seen.

It is off to a REALLY good start


Automatic791755d ago

Good to know Flex any tips for us newbies into the Moba Realm.

syotos771755d ago

I played smite between pc and xbox for about 2 years now, watch twitch streams if you really want to learn :) also if you have a way of recording gameplay, watch yourself play. It will help you improve. Starting out will give good info about match ups!

FlexLuger1755d ago


Im a noob too! I got three friends that are really good at this game and I stick with them. Come to think of it thats the best advice I can give. Stick nearby your team, and dont get eager after your first kill and think you can go spawn contain them. I tried that a few times and (stubbornly) gave up after getting an ear bashing from my freinds ( they really like to win!) Once you get the ebb and flow of how to battle it becomes instinctive. Its not a complicated game, but it gives PLENTY opportuinity for strategy...Its like a grudge match where you slowly push the other team right back. or they push you back. silly mistakes are easily punishable by the other team, so with your team to weaken the other team as a whole.Anybody can get good at this game. Its more about how sharp you are as a thinker as well as combat instincts, than complex button combinations. Thats why I reckon so many people got into this..and WoT for that matter. These are thinking mans games, even though they are simple on the surface. The smarter player wins, not the more powerful one.

Mehmeh1754d ago

Agreed, its awesome!
I used to play LoL, but mainly game on console for the convenience and ease.
Ive always wished for a MOBA on console, but the traditional birds view point and click controls doesnt suit console controller at all.
Then, BOOM, Smite comes to the rescue, and the 3rd person view / direct controls makes it perfectly playable with a console controller.

Great game!
Give it a try:D

urwifeminder1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Played the PC version and the beta on xb1 could not stand it I tried, MOBA is not my thing will give the genre one more chance with Gigantic same thing happened with Dota its like paint drying game play for me. No point me giving a score but I give Mobas 3 out of 10 as a genre ha ha.

AzubuEntus1755d ago

Play Heroes of the Storm. It's a good starter MOBA that isn't complex like League and Dota 2.

fermcr1755d ago

Still haven't played this game. Might try it out on the PC.