Bungie: Black Spindle at 310 is a Bug and Is Getting Nerfed

Yesterday, everyone fawned over the secret 310 damage exotic Black Spindle hidden in Destiny: The Taken King. Turned out it wasn't supposed to be 310.

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GigawattConduit1751d ago

Booooooo, just us have this one!

ABizzel11751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

The best thing to do is simply infuse it. Get as many 300 BS's (Black Spindle) from the Blueprints and buff all your Legendary and Exotic Special weapons up to 300 Light, then take the 310 BS and buff your favorite exotic or legendary weapon Special weapon up to 307/308.

There's also a Legendary Spiner called 1000-Yard Stare, being sold by Vanguard for 150 Marks, that's slightly lesser BS. The only differences are it has a slightly higher rate of fire than BS, but a slightly lower Impact, and instead of having White Nail have all 3 shots return after landing 3 shots, 1000-Yard has a clip of 4 and only returns 1 bullet after 3 shots. So it's not quite as broken for bosses, but it's still a great 5-shot sniper rifle with high impact, and Solar just like BS.

I spent hours (literally 8) getting these things, and now they're nerfed down 20 light. And once again here is another reason that reminds me why I have a like/hate relationship with Destiny.

Bungie is quick to patch anything beneficial to players, but take months up until the next expansion to patch $#!^ we complain about that justly needs balancing or tweaking.

idsanty1751d ago

I'm glad it's getting nerfed. I don't have one. :)

idsanty1751d ago

But stay away from /MY/ weapons, Bungie.

--Onilink--1751d ago

i find this very dumb. Based on the challenge of getting this exotic (the discovery plus the actual difficulty of the mission), this exotic shouldnt be lower than 300.

Besides the raid this has been easily the most challenging thing (next to the 2nd phobos mission/end boss) i have done so far, and the reward should have a higher attack than the rest of exotics.

Sure maybe not 310, but 290 is too low

Snookies121751d ago

So, you're telling me I spent literally all day and night trying to get a 310 sniper, only to hear it's going to be nerfed anyway? That's really lame Bungie, really lame...

LAWSON721751d ago

Still will be a killer sniper for other challenges

Snookies121751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Oh no doubt, but I was really banking on that 310. I know I can always infuse it, but it's still kind of a downer. I wouldn't have spent so much time trying to get it, if I'd known it wouldn't be 310, hah.

I guess they just don't want it being raid-tier in terms of damage. Which is understandable. Since raid gear is supposed to be top of the line, in most cases.

n4rc1751d ago

Deej commented on it fairly quickly.. Even pretty much told everyone to infuse another weapon with it while you could..

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