Mad Max on PS4 gets lowest price yet

Dealspwn: While I'd advise taking a look at my review before buying, this Mad Max PS4 price is the best I've seen since the game's release just a few weeks ago.

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Immorals1747d ago

The game's a steal a that price, don't miss out on a fantastic, beautiful game!

Spenok1747d ago

Wish it was that price in the states :/

LordMaim1746d ago

Its a good game, but desperately in need of a patch. Too many ways to lock out quest trees or trophies that require 100% collection of items that are bugged.

TheSaint1746d ago

I bought it, but they are waiting on a stock delivery. Just so anyone that is thinking of getting it knows it may be a bit longer than usual to receive it.

AstroCyborg1747d ago

in the bargain bin already

Irishguy951747d ago

Been about 12 quid on PC since release

MadMax1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

My game of the year so far! Cant get enough of it!!! That price is about what us U.S people pay for a new game. That supposed to be a bargain? Still $60 out here.

TheSaint1746d ago

At the current exchange it would be $45.66.