Destiny: Raising Gunsmith Rank and How to get your Class Weapons

This guide will go over everything about the gunsmith and getting the class specific legendary and exotic weapons including:
Gunsmith Rank - How to raise your rep with the gunsmith and rewards for doing so.
Hunter Class Weapons - How to get the legendary and exotic weapons for Hunters.
Titan Class Weapons - How to get the legendary and exotic weapons for Titans.
Warlock Class Weapons - How to get the legendary and exotic weapons for Warlocks.

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thorstein1119d ago

MP maps were Taken away. Now my Crucible playlists have been Taken away.

Hmmm... I guess it really is the Taken King.

The only way to get back the content I paid for before is to pay again....

Halo2ODST21119d ago

Dude, That may very well be true, but I highly recommend you get it, it's worth it, the only problem I'm having with it is? the lack of people to play it, earlier i Had about 20 friends on Destiny who had the Taken King but they were all busy doing their own thing so I had literally no one to do the nightfall with, it was so aggrivating, I just sat there inviting people to join, no one joined so I just went off Destiny, That's the biggest flaw in The Taken King - Everyone is so busy, they can't afford to help others.

thorstein1119d ago

That is the other problem. Drop in and matchmaking.

One of the coolest experiences I had recently on Destiny before the 2.0 update was during a Wolves Bounty. About 7 other players were in the area and we all joined forces to battle the Wolves. It was so much fun how we all spontaneously joined together to fight these off.

But, that can't happen if your on a mission. The others just "disappear" or can't be found. It isn't organic.

bigbearsack1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I can help you get through Nightfalls. I have Three characters, so i always need to do them. If you on ps4, snd an invite to psn: johnwa

Halo2ODST21118d ago

Damn, I appreciate the offer BigBearsack, it would of very helpful, but unfortunately the lack of cross play across consoles prevents us from playin together - (I am on Xbox One, this is a real shame)

Benchm4rk1118d ago

Try the bungie app forum or lfg sites. I never have a problem finding people to play with and do raids and strikes. I just put up a post asking them to msg my gamertag on xbl and within 5 mins ill get more invites then i can use.

JWiLL5521118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Go to the Destiny subreddit (one of the most populated on all of Reddit)

They have a place called r/fireteams where you can find people to play with, you'll find a lot of good players there who are willing to help.

There's also another area called DestinySherpas where you can get help with raids.

I definitely recommend checking those out. They're on the sidebar from the main page:

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