Xbox Live Games with Gold for October 2015

Major Nelson:
For the month of October, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games – two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360 – as part of the Games with Gold program.

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Genuine-User1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I already own all of those games. Hopefully November might have something for me.

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Blaze9291119d ago

did they figure out a way to transfer TWD Xbox 360 saves to Xbox One? Because I refuse to start over on Xbox One, and I don't really feel like playing my 360 anymore.

TheCommentator1119d ago

Luke, use the cloud... Do or do not! There is no try!

optimus1119d ago

@thecommentator... Not all 360 games support the cloud. I tried transferring my high scores of pinballFX2 to the x1 and it says "not transferable" or something to that effect. Oddly enough, i can transfer the settings though.

Blaze9291119d ago

@TheCommentator so the 360 saves work for the xbox one version?

Jag-T10001119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

@blaze: Start over dammit and stop crying!

hiawa231118d ago

Yes, you simply move your 360 save to the cloud and when you load up the game on the X1 it automatically picks it up right where you left off on the 360.

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AngelicIceDiamond1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Looks like an odd month, not bad not superb but a bit odd.

Just my opinion but I'm skipping out on this month. I might get the Walking Dead haven't played them heard they were fantastic.

slasaru011119d ago

I just finished TWD couple days ago.
It took me a year or so - I started and quit several times. But then I started to play Tales from Borderlands, which I really liked and decided to give TWD a second chance on that wave.

I must say, last series are much better, I really liked them.

andibandit1118d ago

Yeah it's TWD for me too, already have TGW on another platform, and it wasn't my cup of tea.

x_RadicalAura_x1119d ago

Best of luck to you, Nicholas Cage.

KiwiViper851119d ago

I don't have either of the X1 games. Stoked!

callahan091119d ago

Valiant Hearts is welcome for me, I wanted to play it and haven't had it yet. The rest I've already owned and played, but oh well.

Yahdaree1119d ago

I just got TWD Season 1 for $6 and I got Valiant Hearts a while back for free... on PS4.

apollo061119d ago

Did you download them or purchase them at retail? If at retail, see how much you can get for trade in our sell them on craigslist....

mozzie1118d ago

if you have them on disc, sell them at gamestop and get the digital versions from GwG

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TheGreatGamer1119d ago

Sweet! Definitely recommend both Valiant Hearts and the walking dead, both are really great games. Another good offering from GWG, expect an AAA next month to launch the new GWG

YinYangGaming1119d ago

What do you mean by 'new GWG'? Hopefully we get an AAA next month even though these 2 games are great anyway. Not sure why you're getting disagrees for recommending these games lol

christocolus1119d ago

“What do you mean by 'new GWG'?”

Was about to ask him the same question. Lol. Maybe he is talking about the upcoming BC update which will make xbox 360 GWG titles playable on Xbox one starting Nov.

elarcadia1119d ago

I think he is refering to GWG's new policy that they are going to have two new Xbox One games for GWG every month, vs. when they use to have just one new one and normally one from the previous month. They announced that they were changing this last month, so it is most likely this policy change that he is refering to.

Why o why1119d ago

Yeah, valiant hearts is a nice surprise of a title.

pivotplease1119d ago

Definitely a great experience. Everyone should play through it imo.

Jmanzare1119d ago

They already started that... September was medal gear and that zombie game and this month October is twd and valiant hearts. The game changes every 15 days

bub161119d ago

Walking dead!! Great game!!

Automatic791119d ago

Two solid offerings for the month.

Toiletsteak1119d ago

Shame i have these games but, they are both great games for the Xbox One so enjoy if you haven't played them.