Hands on with the Xbox One Special Edition Master Chief armour Wireless Controller - STN


Microsoft have been really nice to us recently and let us give you an early look at some of the fantastic accessories that are coming your way for Xbox One, including the stunning Lunar White Special Edition controller.

Today we have another first look for you, this time at the Xbox One Special Edition Master Chief armour Wireless Controller, which will no doubt appeal greatly to Xbox One fans worldwide.

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Kribwalker1212d ago

To bad there wasn't an elite version, I'd snap it up

Ctiboi20101212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


I still preordered it, but I completely agree. I think if they made an official Halo Xbox Elite controller they wouldn't be able to keep it on the shelves. I'm still looking forward to picking up this bad boy though. I got the green one. It looks more unique than the Gray and blue version in my opinion.

Kingdomcome2471212d ago

I was going to go with the Locke controller, but I now think that I actually prefer this one. Man, that is sharp.