Will Half-Life 3 Support VR? 'No', Says Valve

VRFocus - Ever since Valve confirmed that it was working on a consumer virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) earlier in the year, there’s been jokes, speculation and even hopes that the long-requested second sequel to the Half-Life franchise, Half-Life 3, would be coming to the device. The company has since revealed the first in what is planned to be a series of HMDs that support its SteamVR system, the HTC Vive. Sadly – though somewhat predictably – Half-Life 3 has not been revealed for the device, and it may never be.

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AizenSosuke1172d ago

Hints at HL3?

Hell yeah for foreshadowing.

Timesplitter141171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

I think Valve understands VR better than the average dev (they're making Steam VR afterall), and therefore know that taking a conventional game and adding VR support simply doesn't work in most cases.

VR games have to be made for VR. Different medium, different content

thorstein1171d ago

There never has been. Valve does not make trilogies. Get over it. The story is done. There is nothing left to tell.

Now, these points of data
make a beautiful line.
And we're out of beta.
We're releasing on time!
So I'm GLaD I got burned!
Think of all the things we learned!
for the people who are
still alive.

Go ahead and leave me...
I think I'd prefer to stay inside...
Maybe you'll find someone else
to help you.
Maybe Black Mesa?
That was a joke. Ha Ha. Fat Chance!

Summons751171d ago

I agree it's not in development and probably hasn't been or has been long canceled. But to say there's nothing left to tell when the game ended on a cliffhanger is a d**k move on their part.

KurtRussell1171d ago

I disagree. Ofc they are developing it, they just like to take things slow.

Krakin11171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Soooooo there's a chance? :D

VER1ON1171d ago

Kind of a misleading title if you ask me.

NarooN1171d ago

Can't have VR in a game that doesn't exist.

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