Rise of the Tomb Raider has convinced me to buy an Xbox One | VG 24/7

Cassandra Khaw:

"Unnecessary exposition grates on my nerves like steel wool. I understand the importance of communication. I really do. It’s important for relationships. It’s important in combat, in anything that involves multiple individuals co-operating in a certain fashion. But do we really need reminding that frothing mountains and howling Siberian winds are dangerous? “A storm’s coming!” Yes. Yes, I know, person-who-looks-remarkably-li ke-Jonah-from-last-game. I can see that."

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TheGreatGamer1213d ago

It's sad that it's taken this game to make someone think it's worth buying already. Still, I must agree Rise of the Tomb Raider is going to be pretty big this holiday for Xbox One but glad it's also coming to other platforms a little later on so everyone can enjoy this game

TLG19911213d ago

Can you explain why you think its sad?

TheGreatGamer1213d ago

Sure, I just meant that Xbox One has had many improvements and many great games in it's nearly 2 years since launch and it's typically seen as the undesirable console due to weaker hardware so quite a few people in the media tend to kind of push it aside if that makes sense.

TheLoCoRaven1213d ago

It's sad that it takes a timed exclusivity of a multiplat game to convince anyone to buy a console. None of these console companies should pay for timed exclusivity of an entire multiplat game. Thats just petty.

Mr Pumblechook1213d ago

Article title should read "Microsoft have agreed to supply V24/7 with additional Xbox One consoles for 'review usage'."

gaffyh1213d ago

The dumbest thing about this article is that its coming to PS4, so actually it's impatience that's made you buy an Xbox One.

Lord_Sloth1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Why would a timed exclusive be a good argument to buy a specific system? I can wait, especially for Tomb Raider. There are other, superior titles owned by MS as true exclusives.

nix1212d ago

It's one game only. That's why it's sad. It's like buying 360 for Gears, PS3 for Uncharted. These games don't have annual releases unlike FIFA/PES. Plus it's coming out on other platforms too. On PC in less than 6 mont time and on PS4 a year later.

Ezz20131212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Buying a console because a *timed* exclusive ?! -__-

XisThatKid1212d ago

I agree with most people against the premise of this article but I don't understand how just because a game is a third party exclusive or not exclusive can't make you buy any one console.
I know people that have been holding out on this gen so far and decided to buy a X1 because of Destiny now, and a PS4 when new CoD comes out.
I know exclusives are important to most but understand that other games sell consoles as well.

Mrveryodd1212d ago

I can , if you own one you know it. Most used thing in my house .... it has the same uptime as my fridge.

NewMonday1212d ago

always amusing when a games media writer who already has the platform says he will "buy" it. advertising much?

TR is facing trouble in X1 sales for 3 reasons:

1) everyone knows its timed and that was officially announced, so very unlikely many will pay $350 just to get a game early.

2) TR is also on 360, still has a big market share in USA, if someone didn't rush to get upgrade to new gen for a better CoD/Madden/ Assassins Creed they will unlikely upgrade just for TR.

3) TR is coming out same time as Fallout 4, going to be impossible to get hype, even for people who already have an X1.

NatureOfLogic_1212d ago

Meh, If you wait for the Ps4 version you'll most likely get the full game with all dlc.

1212d ago
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DarkHeroZX1213d ago

I'm getting it on 360 then PS4.

Automatic791213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I envy the author for purchasing at an incredible time with great deals and value, not to mention the amount of games coming and available from the start of this generation to next year. TombRaider is a fantastic entry into the Xbox Ecosystem Kudos to the author. As for the naysayers no need to knock Xbox One as am I sure you are happy with your console of choice.

RedDevils1212d ago

Should of get the X1 while you at it, since you also get PS4 as well. As for me, I still finding a hard time or a reason to even buy an X1 as I already own a PS4. Most games I enjoy is mostly exclusive or is available on both platform

dkp231213d ago

Blame ms for a shittg launch of the console. Set them back years.

MeliMel1212d ago

Dude so what if it took TR for someone to buy Xbox. Maybe the gamer doesnt want to wait a yr to play one of their favorite franchises. To be honest it sucks that someone has to purchase another console to play a game that should be multiplatform from day one!

All that being said the last TR trailer is excellent RTR is day one cant wait! We are actually gonna be doing some real raiding in this one!

PizzaSteve1212d ago

I don't think it's sad. Maybe there wasn't many games he liked to justify a XB1 purchase. Not everyone care for Halo and Gears. For instance I didn't get a PS3 til MGS4 came out 2 years later.

XisThatKid1212d ago

Don't get me wrong the Mrs. Deff going to wait that year cuz there's snowballs chance in he'll we're getting a X1 this year. especially just for a game. One holiday season isn't enough for me to buy a console. That's nice and all but I already bought her a Destiny PS4 as well this year so all my extra money is going to games and accessories.
Most of the games I have now can be found in both systems and I made my decision on longevity. There are so many known games and franchises coming this and next year and I like gaming with all my friends. They all have PS4s. I'd rather play Battlefield hardline on PS4

Bathyj1212d ago

Well thats the power of an exclusive. Its not that I dont want an Xbone, its that I dont really need one since there are only a couple games I would have really liked to play on it but 95% of the games I wanted over the last 2 years Ive had access to, so I havent felt like Ive been missing out on a whole lot.

But, when an exclusive comes out that you just have to get, that you cant not play, theres really no other choice.

I had to get a N64 for Mario64, I had to get an XBoxOG for Halo. I had to get a WiiU for Zelda. Thats a good thing. Youre not buying it for one game. Its just that one game opens the door for you. Once youre in you can lounge around as much as you like.

Tombraider wont be that game for me, but Quantum Break will be, and then I will suddenly have a back catalouge of XB games that I can play, even if they are 2 years old.

UltraNova1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

If you have the time to play games on multiple platforms then be my guest but most of us have to make a choice in the end.

Personally,I would love to buy an xb1 even if I don't have the time to play all the games that I like.

Fortunately, for me MS has made my decision on whether to buy one or not a lot easier.

How? Their plans on bringing most (if not all) xb1 games to PC, that's how.

For me there's absolutely no reason to get an xb1 anymore since I have a pretty good PC. Additionally, most of xb1's online features do not work in my country.

My two cents.

As for TR convincing this person to buy an xb1, I cant even begin to understand why...I mean hasn't she heard of Forza? Halo? Gears?? Quantum Break??? Aren't those games more than enough reason to get one already, she had to choose a timed exclusive? Yeah fishy...

Orionsangel1212d ago

Same here. I'm a PC gamer and also have the PS4 and now I'm forced to buy the Xbox One because I'm not waiting almost a year to play the new TR.

aftershock1212d ago

If you have a PC you'll only have to wait until March to play it :)

Orionsangel1211d ago

@aftershock I only have an i5 with an Nvidia 660 GTX. I won't be able to run it maxed out.

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WeAreLegion1213d ago

I bought it for Sunset Overdrive and the promise of Quantum Break.

SniperControl1213d ago

I bought my x1 with Halo last October on the promise of Quantum Break as well, then it got delayed, bummer...

KiwiViper851212d ago

But Halo didn't release till November?...

SniperControl1212d ago


My bad, i remember buying the bundle sometime during Oct and Nov, wasnt sure which.

KiwiViper851212d ago

just ribbin ya. it was almost a year ago, hope you've been enjoying it

arkard1213d ago

So it takes a 1 year exclusive title convince someone to buy the console? They weren't already going to buy it? It wasn't games that are going to be permanently exclusive to the console?

AngelicIceDiamond1212d ago

The authors logic is very strange. I don't judge he can do as he pleases but one would think The established Ip's like Gears 4, Crackdown 3 or new Ips like Quantum Break, Scalebound, Sea Of Thieves or Recore would get him excited for the console.

Almost a if MS finally gave a true compelling exclusive line up only to get over looked or ignored for a multiplatform game?

Strange but its his opinion and most importantly its his decison. Have fun with your new X1 and TR

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jb2271212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

May be that they aren't fans of the established ip's and don't see much promise yet in games like ReCore that haven't shown any actual gameplay & would prefer to play or see a fair amount of a game in action before they decide to hang their hat on it. That's understandable in this day & age, even some of my favorite franchises have turned out lackluster installments. It's actually kinda smart if you think about it, buying a console off of the promise of a quality that can't be proven until you are hands on w/ the console will always be a bit of a risk if your preferences are limited & narrow.

I would buy an X1 for TR but my funds are a bit too limited these days, I'd rather make sure I have money to buy gifts for others during the holidays over buying gifts for myself personally.

PhucSeeker1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Why does it have to be permanently exclusive? Maybe you can wait. But the guy is super interested in the game and he doesn't want to wait that long. What's wrong with that?

It's not about times-exclusive or whatnot. It's about this one guy liking this one game too much. Each has their own taste and he's just here sharing his.

mechlord1211d ago

Yup. This is bullshit and im calling it. There in no rationale that validates this

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Automatic791213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I bought my Xbox One at launch with DeadRising 3, Forza 5 and Ryse, I haven't stopped enjoying since.

Masterofwiiu3ds1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I literally did the exact same thing (same 3 games on launch), but I rarely play mine. Anything multiplat is picked up on PS4.

Sunset Overdrive was really good, and Halo Collection was another good one. But in my house, we honestly play Zumba Fitness more than any other game on the Xbone.

I tried giving State of Decay a try too, but I couldn't get into it. I'd get Gears, but I played through it like 10 times on the 360.

I'm not for or against one console or another, but when one is objectively better than the other (more exclusives that are better, and better mutliplat games, etc), I have to send my dollars in that direction.

reallyNow1212d ago

I was going to get a XB1 for the kinect, since i had a 360 with my ps3 because of the kinect games. but then MS decided to stop making new kinect games. if they announced a bunch more kinect games id go out and buy one tomorrow. :-(

Kribwalker1212d ago

I didn't buy Forza 5 but I thoroughly enjoyed horizon 2 though, and I did buy ryse and dead rising 3 at launch too, been loving my Xbox one, will get my ps4 next year once uncharted comes out to sit next to my one