Microsoft Says: Everyone Really Is Just Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon

Providing vindication for a popular trivia game, researchers for a Microsoft-backed investigation say their in-depth study of instant messaging networks proves that all humans really are just six degrees from actor Kevin Bacon.

Well, make that 6.6 degrees.

Using data gleaned from Microsoft's Messenger IM service, the researchers found that any IM user in the world was no further away from any other in a chain of personal contacts than 6.6 degrees, or links in the chain.

"This is the first time a planetary-scale social network has been available to validate the well-known 'six-degrees of separation finding,' " wrote researchers Eric Horvitz of Microsoft and Jure Leskovec of Carnegie Mellon University, in a paper that was presented earlier this year at the WWW 2008 conference in Beijing.

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thor4320d ago

6.6? Point six? What does the point six mean? I could understand it if it were an average, but it says "no further than 6.6". Can someone explain?

shazam4320d ago

its an average you numbnut

zag4320d ago

Bill gates is my 6th deg, amazed?

Fishy Fingers4320d ago

Probably could of spent their time better.

Gish4320d ago

Wow i have been waiting for this gaming news for a long time!!!

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