Perfect GTA Game Formula

Neocrisis - Like many others, I was very disappointed with GTA IV and the sacrifices Rockstar made in the name of 'grit and realism.' However, it did get me thinking about what would make the perfect GTA game. These are just ideas, mind you--nothing concrete here and I realize that these ideas need some re-thinking in places. But let me outline my concept for you:

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bunbun7774320d ago

We need more articles like this! How nice to see a fan not a boy write about the good and the bad of a game we (almost) all really love. I don't agree with everything....but that's cool because we need more ideas, and less judgments on those ideas. Jet packs....awesome! Dual Wielding...awesome! Enter all buildings at various times.....super awesome! GTA4 got a pass in my eyes for getting this game out like they did- I like it - but i didn't fall in love like san andreas- though it can be so awesome looking when you learn to drive with cinema mode, or the multitude of other real good looking scenes that happen, never to be exactly repeated again. This was the appetizer- SR2 might be the Carl's Junior burger....but GTA5 better be the mutha funkin buffet!

wibble4320d ago

I wanna see persistent characters in GTA that go around doing their thing rather than all those scripted missions.

They updated the graphics engine in GTA IV but the underlying logic in the game was basically the same as previous games. Very shallow.

I found all the missions a chore and yet if you try to ignore the missions then there isn't really that much to do. All the people walking the streets are brain dead zombies with a lifespan that starts the moment you enter a street and ends the moment you leave.

Sony sucks balls4320d ago

Parachutes would've been awesome for jumping off buildings for quick getaways.