Why PlayStation Being Dominant May be The Best Thing For The Gaming Industry

Article discussing why a PlayStation led market may be the best thing for the console gaming industry.

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TheGreatGamer1749d ago

I agree that PS4 is a global system whereas Xbox One you get the best experience if you live in US or UK but as long as all consoles sell well that's the most important thing in my opinion because that's how we get the most diversity

OB1Biker1749d ago

'Xbox One you get the best experience if you live in US or UK '
Im not sure what you mean ; it sounds ambiguous as if your saying you cant get a good experience on xb1 outside those countries ;)

What matters is people are happy with their gaming machines whichever it is and that is all :)

TheGreatGamer1749d ago

Ah okay I see unfortunately I can't edit my comment but all I meant was that some of features/apps/games only release in the west because other markets like Japanse market is so small

HaveSumNuts1749d ago

It's true that if you have an XB1 you would get the most out of it in countries like the UK and US. Playstation is more of a global success because it appeals not just to the US or UK but to many other countries. Xbox always pushes the online aspect, to countries with fast internet it will appeal more. Playstation pushes general gaming online/offline it will appeal more to countries because not everyone's gonna have great internet. Plus the whole Xbox always online always connected initial reveal wouldn't be too exciting for a guy from a country with crappy internet.

Ginpachi-sama1749d ago

The guy spoke the truth the xbox one media stuff is useless outside of usa

dirkdady1749d ago

Remember the golden era of the ps2? Where devs didnt have to worry too much about supporting multiple platforms and be able to make profit on niche titles due to cost savings on focusing on one system?

Back then even huge dev shops like rockstar were cranking out tiles like Manhunt.

Why o why1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

From my standpoint, MS were complacent last gen because the lead garnered from a year, year plus head start in key regions. Them being behind is keeping them on their toes big time.... You think their fans or many potential customers will accept another end of gen fall off relying heavily on 3rd party games.... NO WAY..
I know the die-hards wont care but there are some that just wont accept that again, especially from an organisation with 'infinite cash'

Godmars2901749d ago

You're thinking PS1, when that system gave devs several benefits including perusing mature themes Nintendo didn't allow. PS2 was the one where pundits kept saying that the the Gamecube, Dreamcast and first Xbox where the more powerful systems, but the PS2 got all the games because, well, its about the games stupid.

nix1749d ago

Ps2 was only one console.. See what good it did to the industry. It clearly depends on who the market leader is. Everyone is here to make money but who is more consumer friendly? IF MS was market leader we would have been forced to buy the original Xbox1 they had visioned - 24 hour check, Kinect hearing your conversation, Kinect watching you etc etc..

Army_of_Darkness1749d ago

I always got the impression that when a PlayStation console is in lead, it means we gonna be getting plenty of Japanese game ports :-D

donthate1749d ago

It is true you get the best Xbox One experience if you are in the US/UK, but if you aren't your Xbox experience degenerates to what a PS4 offers!

The simple matter is that, Playstation have been a global brand for a long time, so they get a head start there.

On a second note, did anyone notice the article wrongly assumes the Xbox is the death of Japanese game industry?

I'm sorry, but if MS was the only one, the Japanese game fans would flock to that console making it have a viable customer base. Secondly, the Japanese game industry is dying because they can no longer keep up with the innvation in the west. In fact, Japanese game developers have for the most part stagnated and is developing the same games over and over. Nobody wants that!

xHeavYx1749d ago

Kinda silly title, discussing why the best console being the best is the best for the industry.

NewMonday1749d ago

like with PS2 non-action games have a better chance of success with the PS4

last gen only big action productions with everything shoe-horned in and developed based on focus testing and check-lists could thrive.

skratchy1749d ago

You are technically correct. But sales show that most people don't really give a crap about Xbox, outside of the US.

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Spotie1749d ago

All consoles selling well doesn't ensure diversity. It doesn't ensure the competition stays strong. It doesn't ensure that the companies will push each other to do better so that we benefit.

That's the go-to response, I've noticed, from Xbox fans who can't cope with their console getting its ass handed to it.

How do you guys figure that everybody doing well is good? How do you come to the conclusion that no one struggling is good for us? Why would any of these companies want to push things if they don't have to in order to earn our money?

Chanogram1749d ago

MS and Sony are both selling pretty well, compared to last gen. If you dont think Sony and MS are pushing each other, you must live under a rock.

As for Xbox fans that "can't cope with their console getting its ass handed to it"... MOST xbox fans, just like MOST playstation fans, dont give 2 sh**s how well the console is selling. All they care about is what game they'll play next. Gamers play games, only idiots and fanboys play sales.

1749d ago
freshslicepizza1749d ago

"All consoles selling well doesn't ensure diversity. It doesn't ensure the competition stays strong. It doesn't ensure that the companies will push each other to do better so that we benefit."

it pushed sony to rethink their strategy with the ps4. the success of the xbox 360 forced sony to drop the price quickly and often of the ps3. it also forced sony to come out with hardware easy to work with since the xbox 360 became the lead platform. this generation has forced microsoft to drop the price just like sony had to with the ps3.

"That's the go-to response, I've noticed, from Xbox fans who can't cope with their console getting its ass handed to it."

you can't go a day without talking about xbox fans can you? this is why you are toxic to the forums because all you do is worry about the xbox and what the fans have to say. by the way, it's actually the wii u that is getting it's ass handed in sales as you eloquently put it but most sony loyal fans put all their focus on microsoft and their fans, not nintendo.

"How do you guys figure that everybody doing well is good?"

it's not good, what is good is competition exist and strong competition is all around the best scenario. the ps2 dominated and sony followed it up with a $600 game console with a terrible online service in the beginning. things improved over time and i believe a lot of that is due to strong competition.

"How do you come to the conclusion that no one struggling is good for us?"

ask yourself this, is sony not dropping the price of the ps4 because they don't have to actually beneficial to consumers when the price to make it goes down?

"Why would any of these companies want to push things if they don't have to in order to earn our money?"

they won't. it's why microsoft had to invest more in their own development teams. it's why nintendo has to rethink how they make a new console. just like how sony had to rethink their strategy after the ps3. but if you don't have strong competition then the companies see no reason to add new features or drop prices as quickly.

Concertoine1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I agree with you

Some of the greatest consoles ever have come as a result of an uphill battle. The Dreamcast, Genesis, PS1, OG xbox (imho) were all either responses to a lack of success or their first foray into games.

But this isnt something to worry about because the nature of the market and competition in general ensures that the chances of the big three sharing success again like the 7th gen are VERY slim.

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lvl_headed_gmr1749d ago

I feel with a Playstation 4 leading the industry in sales, gaming will be held back from moving forward more significantly.

Sony are clueless when it comes to gaming. They have been doing nothing but copying their competitors this gen and last.

I hope we see a greater balance between the 2 systems in order for this industry to break through that next boundry vs. Living in the past.

donthate1749d ago

I feel that MS has pushed the industry forward whereas most other competitors have held it back.

Look at the history!

Once MS entered the race, Sony was catching up on MS features! Even today, the market leader PS4 cannot compete with the relentless innovation and feature release of the Xbox One. MS is the one pushing Xbox Live before PSN, and MS is the one pushing Xbox Live Cloud Compute, whereas Sony is attempting to copy and jump on the VR bandwagon.

Even looking back at the Wii success with motion control, MS released innovative Kinect, whereas Sony made a Wii mote clone!

One has a complete retake of how you do motion control, and the other is an exact copy with slightly better hardware several years later.

Phill-Spencer1749d ago

If sony had copied ms last gen they would have released a handfull of exclusive and mainly rely on third party. I think sony wants to copy microsoft when it's comes to gaming, that would be the worst thingb they can do. Remember: Sony's worst selling console still sold more than xbox 360 even released a year after 360. Sony is pro at delivering versatile games, ms is pro in delivering games mainly for brain dead dudebros.

OB1Biker1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

'Sony are clueless when it comes to gaming'
Wow I hadn't heard that one yet. :/
Needless to say I strongly disagree.

johndoe112111749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

I find you and donthate to be two of the most fascinating people on n4g. You both actually think that because you believe something that it's actually true even though 99% of the times your statements are wrong, unfactual and is proven false by history and verifiable data. It's as if you guys think you have the power to make your thoughts a reality. The thing is you guys both know that those comments you just made are heaping piles of crap and can be destroyed by a 12 year old who has been gaming for the past 10 years.

KiwiViper851749d ago


"If sony had copied ms last gen they would have released a handfull of exclusive and mainly rely on third party."

You might say that Sony is using this strategy right now. No?

twiggytree121749d ago

@KiwiViper85- Yeah... for TWO months out of ONE year..... Not an entire console generation SMH

Have you not seen Sony's 2016 Exclusive line up?

Did you somehow miss all of the Exclusives released here in 2015 and still more to come?

Yes, they have 3rd party deals going.. but they are also piling exclusives and new IPs up on top of that, 3rd party is far from the only thing they have going on.

Don't forget Sony has 2 big shows left this year which can result in them padding the 2015/2016 Exclusives list. And possibly start showing some stuff for 2017.

They way Sony is working this generation is nothing like MS's ways with the 360.

nix1748d ago

@lvl and the immediate one below,

What da hell did i just read?

Shakengandulf1748d ago

What the hell did i just read, you're anything but level headed.

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Haru1749d ago

Best gaming age is when Sony was leading. last gen was shit because Microsoft lead I hope that never happens again and Sony stays in lead forever so we can get great games like the old days :)

N4g_null1748d ago

The truth is the market hasn't truly spoken yet. If we based every thing on two or three years then the ps3 would still be a failure.

We have around 30 million enthusiasts. Many bought a PS4 and xbox one. Pretty much the 2d mario fans bought the wiiu.

The markets have the following amount of gamers.

North america has 200 million gamers.
Europe, middle east, africa has 600 million gamers.
asia-pacific now has 912 million gamers.

How is Sony going to deal with these staggering numbers. These numbers will tempted even the most harden console supporter that makes console games. Konami and capcom along with some western studios are about to make the jump.

How can sony possibly keep these publishers from not pulling support? Can sony continue to pay publishers for content with out loosing out totally?

Right now there is not much on the PS brand that is wholely controlled by sony. If these 3rd parties leave they would get dreamcast right now! PS4 success is totally because of 3rd parties right now and it's scary to me. I've seen two game crashes. I have also seen a total out sider come in to now seemingly dominate the console industry. All of this was done off the back of 3rd parties.

If sony was dominating off their own ip that they controlled i would feel better for the console industry. Yet There is some thing more popular than even the PS4.

Mobile... there is your controller solution... or any of these...

and this is very old stuff here....

These numbers are due to mobile not console. What is sony going to do? will they simply ignore this and keep on with the ps4 dominace dance?

Then their is the simple fact that nintendo... the console savior is now forced to get some mobile games out because our children are turning into mobile gamers.

The 3ds struggles to fight against the mobile rush while sony just lets the vita sit there and die. While we go and make articles about sony dominance being a good thing. I'm not so sure it is.

The hardcore are not loyal to companies they are loyal to power and fun. Just ask sega or nintendo.3rd parties are not loyal either and the constant fighting online is making the market hostel to publishers also.

Ms has there win 10 platform which every one will ignore but nintendo's mobile push and the new ideas with their hardware could be what the industry needed to keep 3rd part on consoles. It doesn't help that every one applauded nintendo's move to mobile and the NX leakes are heavily searched for.

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wakeNbake1749d ago

Its a win win for both sides really.

SmokingMonkey1749d ago

Why PlayStation Being Dominant May be The Best Thing For The Gaming Industry

-Because they serve HardCore fans 1st - casuals later.

Been this way since 95'

TheLoCoRaven1749d ago

Yep. Thats the jist. Quite pithy of you.

ChozenWoan1749d ago

Actually they tend to serve all gamers equally. Sony has never abandoned the Hardcore nor catered only to them, but they have always been "Gamers First" when it comes to thier gaming consoles.

wonderfulmonkeyman1749d ago

The irony of your statement is that, not too long ago, there was an article where one of the heads of Sony stated that they wanted to draw in the Wii crowd with their system, as well as core gamers.

Dunno how well they've drawn in casuals, but their sales are high enough just off of the cores and dude-bros that it doesn't really matter at this point if they've got the casuals on their side.XD

nommers1749d ago

You can almost entirely associate the hard core PS fans with fans of Japanese games too. When Japanese companies do good, there's a sense of color and variety added to a gen. Last gen it was almost entirely bland in color and variety.

It might exclusively had to do with MS ahead and just pushing out online multiplayer, shooters and racing games. Third parties followed suit and decided to coast with that idea and get lazy. That and since the 360 was ahead in America, Japan had to try and cope with the situation..either by Americanizing their games or finding a way to appeal to both Japan and America, and on a system where very few Japanese gaming fans choose. Mistwalker is a prime example of what happens to a Japanese company making exclusive games for a MS system.

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Darkfist1749d ago

PlayStation Being Dominant means that more games other than shooters and sports will come to the ps4, specially the japanese games to the west, just like ps2 era

q8kik1749d ago


As a Hack @ slash and fighters fan, last gen was extremely disappointing to say the least.
Very few titles came out for these genres compared to the PS1 and PS2.

Imalwaysright1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

There weren't japanese games last gen on the PS3 because it was expensive to develop for due to its architecture.