Score One For The Fans – How NHL 16 Gave Fans a New Level of Input and Changed the Game Forever

EA Sports went back to the drawing board after the less than stellar release of NHL 15. By including fans in the development process, the franchise is on the upswing in a big way.

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MercilessDMercer1118d ago

Great article! This is definitely gonna be the year I get new hockey

Digital_Anomaly1117d ago

I passed last year myself but will be coming back this year. Good to hear they went to the fans and actually listened, that's the way it SHOULD be.

3-4-51117d ago

I tried it used last year and returned it the same day.

It was the least fun I'd ever had playing a hockey game.

Sounds like this years is better.

GrapesOfRaf1118d ago

Yup, no surprise. Last year was garbage but they just spent too much time working on other stuff like the crowds and aesthetics in general. Now that they've got that nailed down, the actual game modes that were cut can come back.

Paulhammer1117d ago

Still feels like the same old game though. Sadly.

generalwinter1117d ago

Played this and it is really good so far!

BoriboyShoGUN1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

1 Question! How is the online team-play????? They also need to add a lot of the features they have in Madden like training camp, practice camps etc. Also the MUT in Madden is top notch!! But it is definitely good to hear positive things so far.

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