Gears of War 2 Features Both Language and Violence Filters

What They Play Reports: "Sure to be one of the biggest games of this year, Gears of War 2 for Xbox 360 will no doubt be at the very top of the vast majority of kids' pester-list this holiday. The original game was incredibly successful, but it earned it's "M" rating for plenty of blood, violence, and strong language. In our report on the first game we found that, "Shotgun blasts tear the heads off enemies, while machine guns, and pistols tear through flesh until the blood of the victim sprays crimson. Of particular note is the gun with the chainsaw attachment that allows the player to cut through foes in such a way that the blood splatters against the television screen, obscuring the player's view of the action for a few seconds."

Gears of War 2 will be released on November 7, but has already received an "M" rating from the ESRB, for "Blood and Gore," "Intense Violence," and "Strong Language." For many families, that may immediately eliminate it as a possibility as a holiday gift. However, a new point of negotiation will become a factor this year; Gears of War 2 includes filters for both the violence, and the language. Microsoft informs us that the violence filter "turns the blood into sparks," while the language filter "takes out all the swear words."

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Buju4316d ago

i think the idea is pretty good, but kids will just turn this feature off if their parents aren't around.

power of Green 4316d ago

Their mommies still purchased the game in order for the kids to tamper with the settings, assuming they can. There could be a possible parental control update coming this fall and who knows, maybe the parent can control the game's setting through the dashboard. What would be the point when the kind can just turn it on or off at will lol.

f7897904316d ago

So they will buy it for them

n4gzz4315d ago

No worries for me, over 26 yrs :D

Breakfast4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

...whats gears, without the blood and swearing?

But, who cares...i think ill buy two more copies after this announcement.

Tacki4316d ago

I just imagined cutting up some Locust with sparks flying Power Rangers style.

I suppose it's a welcomed feature by parents though. But really I think most parents who know of the game ratings will still see that "M" and think it's not right for their kids. I don't it will say anything on the box about that. Then again you never know. But for something like this the kids would really have to be the ones to let their parents know about this feature. I don't think this will be a HUGE boost in sales or anything. It's already guaranteed to be a monster in that department. It's irrelevent to me... but it's a feature that could benefit some. Really I think they should have this type of thing in more games. Even if it doesn't translate to that many more sales... it's still good for those who'd prefer to filter out such content. Especially since some people do have small children and get this game for themselves. I'm sure there's parents out there who'd rather not play this game in front of them due to the violence and/or language.

geda4316d ago

i'm impressed actually, even if they said the violence is slapstick, it still seems glorified IMO

jcgamer4316d ago

however, Little Jimmy will still figure out how to play it unfiltered...

"Whoo, Yeah baby! This my type of Sh!T...ERR...stuff" - Cole Train


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The story is too old to be commented.