Ready at Dawn Using The Order: 1886 Engine for New Oculus Rift Title

VRFocus - Earlier in 2015 it was announced that Ready at Dawn, the studio behind this year’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, was working on a new project for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). The news was announced during Oculus VR’s own pre-E3 press conference back in June, though the developer wasn’t yet ready to reveal its project. Said title still hasn’t been properly announced, but VRFocus has learned that it will be using Ready At Dawn’s own engine.

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SaveFerris1118d ago

Sounds very interesting.

medman1117d ago

EXTREMELY interesting....

WeAreLegion1118d ago

Sweet. I really enjoyed The Order. I hope they port to PSVR. I'm getting an Oculus, too, but still. The more the merrier. The same with Insomniac's VR game. Why just Oculus?

jukins1118d ago

Games have to be 1080p/60fps for psvr at least.

WeAreLegion1118d ago

I feel like there was more to your comment...

TFJWM1118d ago

Actually all ps vr games will run at 120fps, never saw anything about them having to be 1080p thou...

nagalaga311118d ago

@TFJWM Games will run at 1080p at 120fps on an OLED display.

jukins1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Games have to be 1080p/60fps then the psvr will double that. That's the basic requirement for psvr 1080p/60fps nit to mentice it has to specifically programmed for psvr. Just dont want people expecting Porta of games that don't meet the standards.

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medman1117d ago

I'm imagining myself plugging in and sitting down for No Man's Sky and Dreams and never getting back up....

someOnecalled1117d ago

If its just ORift, you know everyone on here is gonna say ready at dawn suck, and the order wasn't all that like they always do. Typically PS fanboy shit. Hopefully this time they can make a decent game and not some slideshow benchmark.

ninsigma1118d ago

Very interesting! It would be awesome to have a VR game with that engine backing it! Whatever you say about the order, it's engine was awesome and made the game look incredible. I'd love to enjoy something like I did the order on a VR headset.

mep691118d ago

From what i've play so far of The Order i've enjoyed, i don't know why everyone was moaning about it. I welcome anything from this company :)

Agent_00_Revan1118d ago

I just played and beat it the other day. I groaned at the first half of the game, but from chapter 9 & on I enjoyed it. It's just a shame it was so short.

medman1117d ago

I really liked The Order too...I would say the thing it was missing the most was more lore and backstory, especially for Igraine and Galahad. There is much more story to be told there, and it was a disappointment we didn't learn more about their history, connection, and how they came to be the Knights they are. The world of that game is so interesting, but they didn't give us enough of the story elements...still good fun though.

Sparta071118d ago

I wish them luck. I loved the order, don't care what anybody says.

S2Killinit1118d ago

Yup The Order was victim to a smear campaign that started a whole year prior to its release.

On poinnt: why arent they working on a PSVR version? Or is that going to be announced at one of the 2 remaining conferences? (:

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