3D Models of Movie Stars vs Real Life Counterparts

With software like 3D Max, Maya, Mental Ray and ZBrush, CG Artists have been able to create unbelievably realistic models of famous movie stars. Here is a video comparing the 3D models of movie stars like Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp to their real-life counterparts. It is safe to assume that in just a few years, characters in videogames will look just as good as these 3D models.

NOTE: PLEASE use view video link at bottom if video is not working. Embedded Gametrailers videos have not been working for a while.

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Buju4386d ago

I gave a notice about the embedded video not working. Gametrailer's embedded videos haven't been working for a while so please use the link at the bottom to go to the video's page.

VictorCreed4386d ago

great vid, and the Crowe model is unreal.

mistertwoturbo4386d ago

Yeah that one looked the best IMO.

Angelina Jolie's one, they hella exaggerated her bottom lip too much.

moses4386d ago

Looked just like gladiator, lol. Zbrush is amazing, I took a shot at modeling with it, and it's one powerful and potential program.

PoSTedUP4386d ago

jonny depp one looked the best cause i think russel crowe one was FAKE.

shazam4386d ago

almost looks photoshopped because of the jaggies around him

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Buju4386d ago

i even gave a shot at 3d max, and couldn't get anywhere. You need some sort of a training course for that at the least. At least I was able to make a Homer Simpson Head.

GodsHand4386d ago

Hell yeah, you need training to use these programs. I use Viz-render but for 3D models of buildings with vehicles, lanscaping people. But the people not as detailed as that. I've tried 3D Studio Max, as it's somewhat simalar to Viz Render.

The Natalie Portman was way off. But I agree Russel Crow is the best, 2nd goes to Johhny Depp

Aclay4386d ago

The character models of the girls that played as the Beauty and Beast Unit in MGS4 were pretty accurate as well. Anyone that has the MGS4 artbook can see who the girls are that played as Raging Raven, Laughing Octopus, Screaming Mantis and Crying Wolf. The difference between their faces in real life and in-game is very minimal and I'm sure that the graphical detail will only increase as developers exploit more of the power of the next-gen consoles (especially the PS3) even more.

moses4386d ago

Next thing you know, the PS3 will be able to render whole universes so we can emulate our own existence in real time!

cLiCK_sLiCK94385d ago

i couldnt stop staring at Niomi's boobs. They look so real!

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The story is too old to be commented.