54% of PS4 and XBO Games Are Indies - Will Publishers Ever Fight Back?

With over 50 per cent of all PS4 and Xbox One games being classified as coming from indie developers, Grab It asks the question as to whether traditional AAA publishers will ever fight back and retake their position as being the number one outlet for console gaming experiences?

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Godmars2901213d ago

That would involve taking risks.

CoyoteHunter1213d ago

Where would the industry be if people didn't take risks? :) That's pretty much how the whole indie scene blossomed. But I take your point that traditional publishers are typically risk averse.

Hoffmann1213d ago

The industry changed thoug and so did the budget numbers, risks are much higher risks than they were 20 years ago, I guess thats why we saw less and less cool experiments =/

Remember how Square as example created not only a successful RPG series but around 5+ rpg series also creative fighting games like Bushido Blade and Tobal or shooters like Einhänder that are still not forgotten?

SlappingOysters1213d ago

They're going to have to sooner or later!

user99502791213d ago

No it would involve opening a plethora of small studios that crank out low-budget sidescrollers.

big publishers could do it, but it would be stupid. There is no need to "fight back", they already own the industry. 54% is just a number representing a pile of generally subpar games.

Spotie1213d ago

The other 46% aren't exactly overflowing with star-studded releases, either.

There are a handful of standouts on both sides of the divide; for some reason, though, some folks act like there are more quality AAA games than indies or something.

stuna11213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I got what your saying, you should have probably put a /s at the end of your sentence.

Indie's are leading the way to some great games moving forward, and perhaps that will force these big developers to look and go back to their root's as to why they originally got into game development. Sure I'm sure money played a role, but there should also be some sort of passion and pride there also.

Godmars2901213d ago

Why would I be sarcastic? We've just had a console gen where everything practically stagnated and centered around FPS. The indie game movement came from that.

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SaveFerris1213d ago

Whether AAA publishers choose to or not, I'm glad that gamers have so many games available to choose from.

SlappingOysters1213d ago

I would be very happy to see the Indie percentage grow as I am sure this would see even more of the industry's top talent leave their prisons and venture out into the freedom of the indie scene.

NeoGamer2321213d ago

Quantity does not automatically mean Quality.

I still prefer 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party published games over indies.

Godmars2901213d ago

In that same token there are many indie titles that could have been more polished with publisher backing.

Summons751213d ago

True that, there are a lot of really well done indies but the majority of them are trash. But I treat indies the same way I would treat an bigger titles. If they want to be respected as developers than I wont' support the trashy ones and show my support for the ones that are truly exceptional. Anyone can make a Metroidvania game but it's the developers with the passion and the drive to take the formula and really make it shine and feel new again. Platformers are simple enough but do you have the level design to make it remotely comparable to major platforming titles?

SlappingOysters1212d ago

Many of the best indies no one ever sees!

Sinexx1213d ago

Games are games to me no matter what the labels are, whether it is "indie" or "AAA." We see games like Journey go on to be massive hits selling better than AAA titles or present unique ideas to try and gain interest. Then you have games like MGS, who have a massive budget and an established formula, people know what they are getting in to. It is all about the budget people!

donwel1213d ago

Not really about the budget really, I'd say it's more about the talent of the people making the game and their determination to see it through to fruition.
Some pretty good games have been made on a budget of next to nothing but because it's literally cheap enough that anyone can make a game now it also means there's been some utter garbage been made on a budget of next to nothing too (though the same can be said of big budget games as well). The issue we have now is having to wade through the mountains of crap until you find the good ones, partially because we don't know whether we can trust reviews or not. Like NeoGamer said a couple of posts up though, quantity doesn't equal quality.

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