EDGE #285 review scores

This month's EDGE scores include Forza 6, Super Mario Maker, and more.

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Geobros1123d ago

Nice score for Mario Maker!

freshslicepizza1123d ago

lovers in a a dangerous spacetime deserves at least a 8 imo

deafdani1123d ago

Kinda late for a Super Mario Maker review for Edge, considering that the game's been out for a while now, and the reviews from most online gaming sites came out about a month or so before release.

Weird. :/

CrowbaitBob1123d ago

Edge is a print magazine. Mario Maker just released this month. They could have had a review ready to go six weeks ago and it still wouldn't have been out until the magazine hit the news stand.

deafdani1123d ago

As I said in my comment before, the embargo for reviews for Mario Maker was well before its release, around a month before, I think. That's why I wonder why Edge just wasn't able to publish this review on the issue before this one, to (more or less) coincide with all other game reviews.