Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold 3 Million Copies On Steam

Grand Theft Auto V was a pleasant surprise when it was released. Although the PC version was delayed, Rockstar managed to offer a really polished and optimized game. And according to SteamSpy's data, the game has managed to hit 3 million sales on Valve's digital platform.

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john21122d ago

Indeed. However I'd love to see more mods for GTA V (and apart from a number of projects, we've not received as many or as good as those in GTA IV)

SaveFerris1122d ago

Yeah. The modding community does great stuff and really helps prolong the life of the game in a big way such as in the case of GTA IV and Skyrim. Next up is Fallout 4.

badz1491122d ago

Yeah, congrats but just 3 mil? Seriously? I know it was delayed but that is kinda depressing compared to what it has done on consoles.

Lon3wolf1122d ago

ONLY Steam sales were 3 million, mine was physical as I pre-ordered when the PS3 version released. Maybe R* could release total PC players so we know the full figure?

freshslicepizza1121d ago

3 million is still quite a bit and delayed projects often suffer from sales. it's why timed exclusive deals are made, they know most sales are front loaded.

someOnecalled1121d ago

You do know there's other places to buy right. Like from rockstar and other DD. Why are y'all so dumb

badz1491120d ago

I that there are other ways to buy it on PC but Steam is undeniably the biggest there is out there. If Steam sold 3 mil, I doubt the others combined, excluding people buying directly from R*, is anywhere close to 3 mil. Let say total is 5 mil, that is still not that impressive.

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boing11122d ago

I would expect more. 3 million is a lot obviously but PC has the largest install base out of all platforms.

DanielGearSolid1122d ago

Why would you expect more?? What recent full price game has sold more than 3mil on steam in the same timeframe?

solar1122d ago

Just FYI, you can buy the boxed copy and those sales are not counted by Steam. I can't link my copy to Steam which is a bummer.

Volkama1122d ago

You can buy digital direct from Rockstar too, and it is available at a better price than the Steam version. Rockstar's store has far less visibility than Steam so it won't have sold as many, but it should still be a tidy chunk.

MurDocINC1122d ago

Also pc version was released later than consoles. Alot of people jump on consoles instead of waiting.

porkChop1122d ago

PC does have the largest install base, but multiplat PC games still tend to sell far less than the console versions. There are a lot of different reasons for that. PC has the largest base in total, but that includes people with 10 year old PCs that play nothing but CS or TF, for example.

_-EDMIX-_1122d ago

Agreed. Its why I put them in different install bases ie "last gen" PC's or "current gen PC's or "Next gen PC's lol aka Elite PC's.

We don't add in PS3 and 360's install base to PS4 and XONE, not sure why gamers still add in PC's install base as one whole large group.

I would expect GTAV only to sell more as the entry level for it is still pretty low, low enough most of all the PC install bases should be able to play it (besides the old, weak PC's) but even my HD 5770 can take care of GTAV pretty fine.

someOnecalled1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

And console gamers tend to play the same rehashes and follow what the next person like even if its not their style while jumping on the bandwagon. While pc gamers love every genre and buys what they like and don't tend to feed into the hype and what bs console makers are feeding them. Console gamers tend to go to the cs or tf example because what big community do they have for a game. What games do they stick with more then the first time beating it then turn are and ask for a remastered version. PC tend to sell less because its the most diverse platform and the fanbase are not sheep. You notice this when console gamers downplay something and it gets popular than they hop on the bandwagon .

Console tend to be filled with sheep.that's when games don't last more than a few month. Publishers love that then they can shove the next rehash down your throat. Case and point ubisoft and ea knows this for a fact.

FlameWater1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Still playing the PS3 version, waiting for steam sale. The games good but I'm not going to pay full price again

Agent-861121d ago

You don't need to wait for a steam sale; you can get a key through a key site for cheaper. I like the website linked below. They do a comparison of most of the key sites and list them by the cheapest.


Tundra1122d ago

Just because a machine runs Windows OS does not mean it is a "Gaming PC". There are many computers out there with integrated graphics solutions for their graphics processing capabilities.

That and the game was released twice before the PC version came out.

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Monkeycan81122d ago

Thats...not a lot. wow. hmm.

FlameWater1122d ago

what have you sold 3 million copies of?

Monkeycan81122d ago

GTA V sold 3M on Next Gen systems in 1 week. for how many PC's there are and steam users this is not as much as I thought it would be.

xPhearR3dx1122d ago


Those numbers also don't include retail editions or the game sold through Rockstars website via Social Club. Remember, the PC version also got the collectors edition. So there's many PC only gamers that probably picked that up instead of a digital copy on Steam since this was their first opportunity.

Also, the game didn't release simultaneously with 360 and PS3. Thus, people who wanted PC may be waiting for a big sale due to already playing and completing the game. Mind you, the PC version launched nearly a year and a half after the original version. Some people aren't okay with paying full price for something they own. Especially if they picked up the next-gen version as well.

I personally paid full price 3 times. Collectors edition on PS3, digital for PS4 and Steam for PC. But I probably speak for a small number of people compared to the amount of people who want it for PC but have yet to get it.

oceanskie1122d ago

This is not as meaningful as it sounds. GTA5 is not a Steam title. 3mil sale means it has sold 3mil on Steam alone. I expect majority of the PC sales would be through Rockstar Social Club.

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