Star Wars Battlefront is “Broken,” According to Alpha Tester

CraveOnline: "There has been an alarming accusation thrown in the direction of Star Wars Battlefront, with an alleged alpha tester of the game claiming that it is fundamentally broken."

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ArchangelMike1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Anyone remember this comment for Peter Moore

I guess we'll need to wait and see if he's full of B$. Of course they are going to rush the game for the release of the movie. That's a no brainer. Everything else is secondary to the christmas cash grab.

Genuine-User1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

This rumour is based on some random person on the Internet who claims to have beta tested Battlefront? What the fudge.

Godmars2901118d ago

This is EA we're talking about.

Of course he was full of BS.

GribbleGrunger1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

This is an alpha tester, not even a beta tester. In beta testing they iron out broken things. If a developer is able to get a game up and running perfectly in the alpha stage then they're frigin' miracle workers.

LordMaim1118d ago

Star Wars Battlefront comes with a $100 bill in each game case.

...Or do I have to have a website to make wild unsubstantiated claims?

Eonjay1118d ago

LOL alpha tester... there is an open public beta next week so I think its worth waiting to see for myself.

No, the rumor is based on some random person on the internet who claims to have *alpha tested* Battlefront. lol

Baltimoron271118d ago

If the game is as broken as this guy said there is no way EA would allow the beta to be released.I have to believe that EA must have a lot confidence in this to make it an open beta for all platforms.

Mega241118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I was an Alpha tester for battlefront, it's not broken, spawning needs to be fixed though, and me and a couple of hundred others made extensive notice of this in the Alpha forums, to which we were answered that it would be worked on, that was about 4 months ago.

Kidmyst1118d ago

Dumb question, Isn't there some sort of non-disclosure thing too you'd sign to comment on the game only in the testing forums if you are in non-public testing? I've tested tech products for PC's and always had to.

81BX1118d ago

Some random person also stated the world was round not flat.... how did that turn out? My advice is pay close attention to what everyone says. You may be doing ur self a disservice by turning a blind eye.

garrettbobbyferguson1118d ago


I have bad news for you. Alpha testing and beta testing no longer mean what you think. Alpha testing is glorified bug testing. Everything is relatively complete. Beta testing is simply stress testing. This has held true for the last decade that I've been "fortunate" enough to get into many alphas/betas.

NewMonday1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

@Eonjay & @shloobmm3

"there is an open public beta next week so I think its worth waiting to see for myself"

well said!

this effectively ends the discussion, lets go home folks

ColonelHugh1118d ago


Actually, Greek mathematicians theorized that a long time ago, going so far as to prove the curvature by placing markers along the ground. By no means random people.

harv7111118d ago

Eratosthenes was a random kind of guy, lol

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shloobmm31118d ago

Game has an open beta soon uf it was fundamentally broken they wouldnt be doing that.

cfc831118d ago

Bf4 beta functioned better than the release game

solar1118d ago

Do you know what beta testing is for?

C4rnos1118d ago

When i played the game nothing was "broken", it was just very dull- only one map was available and no class customization, no hero characters and the like, of course that'll change in the beta and full release but i guess if you like other DICE games this won't be very different.

At the end of the day if you like multiplayer shooters it might be good, but the co-op isn't worth it on its own, at least not what i played of it and i'm not sure there even is a "SP" to speak of, certainly no Galactic conquest like in BF2.

Long story short- Article isn't necessary because of the beta.

Crazyglues1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

It's not surprising, this is the same team that made Battlefield 4 on PS4 and that's thing was a complete hot mess at launch... (I'm not hating I still have high hopes)

But, if this game was to launch broke then it would not surprise me in the least. DICE has been completely fumbling in all there game decisions lately so why would they not mess up here...

I mean you hear the comments but as gamer's we act like it's not happening or it's not real, even after they tell you..."Star Wars Battlefront will not have aiming-down-ironsights" ...wait what? How can the game be better taken out key things that make a game really good. (here's a little hint* it can't be good, it never is)

Remember how they changed how you drive the tanks in BF4 from BF3, BF3 was fine and had some of the best feel for vehicles, but in BF4 they messed everything up... These same guys are making decisions at DICE for SW Battlefront. -And you think it's not going to be broke... How can you really be surprised.

It might still be good, I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I'm seriously worried.

Let's see what the beta is like first... before we make a judgement call..

user99502791118d ago

I find people who say a game is "broken" are always just being melodramatic. Battlefield 4 and MCC are two of my favorite games this gen. If that is the standard for broken then I will be perfectly happy with it.

warczar1118d ago

They didn't work right on day one and that's the problem. Sure they eventually "fix" them but that still doesn't make it suck any less for those that pre-ordered the game. If you don't want to deal with glitchy games then you have to wait a couple of weeks, which is what I'm assuming you did with Battlefield and MCC.

ginsunuva1118d ago

They took a year to work.

CKPan1118d ago

Wow, you are easy to please.
teach me how you can set your standard so low?

-Foxtrot1118d ago

So the game is broken and dosen't feel like a proper Battlefront sequel we've all been waiting for.

Not to mention the obvious cut content EA will hold back and this is me going off EA's history as a company and what they are like.

It's a shame that nostalgia and brand name is going to sell this and get it higher reviews then what it should get. Reviewers hardly went into details about Battelfield 4s problems

crazed_shadow271118d ago

A sad world we live in. I really hope the people at EA read forums like this or even their own and see people's disgust with them. Does their reputation not mean anything to them (also applies to Activision and Ubisoft)? Where is their pride?

Spotie1118d ago

So you're taking the word of an anonymous person on the net that an alpha is broken?

Dee_911118d ago

They see the hate. They had "sim gurus" on the sims forum supposedly getting input on what Ts4 should be. Needless to say when the game released it was evident it was all BS. TS4 is basically a mobile game with supped up graphics which are like most Sims, horribly optimized. They went full excuses mode when the backlash came about.. Really ridiculous to make a game supposedly centered around fan feedback, literally alienate a huge portion of their fanbase.. I mean no CASt? That is insane

deadpoolio3161118d ago

Its a shame when people with clearly low I.Qs and obviously zero common sense believe anything they read on the internet....Especially random things that come from random people, completely ignoring what alpha and betas actually are....

Its just like the low information citizens who see things photoshopped on the internet and suddenly it must be the gospel... Like say Battlefront alpha is broken herp or secret PS4 3.0 features like PS2 support derp(which isn't real, im in the actual beta)....

IF Battlefront were actually broken, there wouldn't be a beta coming up...Just like IF there was PS2 support in 3.0 Sony would want us in the update beta testing the hell out of it to make sure it worked....

But I guess stupid is as stupid does, and people still haven't figured out not to believe everything you read on the internet, especially when it comes from random dudes making the claim

antz11041117d ago

One random person on the internet says the ALPHA is broken, and Foxtrot is here playing it up and talking about cut content:/

Must be a day that ends in "y".

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showtimefolks1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

EA just got the License and we are getting a new star wars game. We all know it has been rushed to release around the new movie

if people expect star wars to be excellent than they will be disappointed, i still have that bad battlefield 4 launch issues in my mind

wait for some honest reviews on youtube before buying is my advice

also the Beta is a month before release so can we really call it a beta or is it more like a demo.

Orbilator1118d ago

i dont think its broken at all, everything seems nice and smooth and no connection issues that i can see.

I supposed it could be localised conection issues.

blackout1118d ago

I watched a alpha video two weeks ago and this guy was firing from the hip and killing ever thing from across the map. This is what people should be complaining about. If true then this game is for my kids. It has a battlefield look but not gameplay. We Will see.

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DarkOcelet1118d ago

Lets hope its not Battlefield 4 all over again. That could ruin DICE's image greatly.

BigBosss1118d ago

I agree! I mean, this game has its potential, please don't ruin it EA!

gantarat1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I Don't too much about game development but at this point shouldn't be final test ?

uth111118d ago

Yeah, alpha test used to mean something different

Concertoine1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Honestly, its been ruined a while to me. I remember in the BFBC2 days where you got a year of free maps just for not buying the game used. Then BF3 comes along with worse destruction and people are willing to pay literally 60 dollars for that premium BS?

Then at e3 they show that skyscraper falling in BF4 as if that's the level of destruction we can expect, and sure enough it's the only big building in the whole game that can go down like that.

This is ignoring the fact that it took a year of patches for BF4 and BF3 to feel like they were ready for release at all.

I haven't bought a BF game since 3 and i'll approach Battlefront with the same skepticism.

Chaosdreams1118d ago


They get better at marketing, yet deliver less in the long run. The product is often full of issues that need to be ironed out, and now gamers are paying double the cost of the base game for the "full experience."

If the games were to release in proper working condition, and destruction was still a thing "it's really not anymore" then I'd say Bf has a healthy history ahead. However, as it stands, I think Battlefield has lost a lot of respect, and if it continues its route then, well, goodbye.

Heck, I remember all of the balances in bf3, by the end of that games shelf life, half of the items people used became irrelevant because they were all nerfed which pushed everyone to using the exact same items.

I'm not even considering Battlefront right now. If it releases and it's amazing, works great, then awesome, I'm game. If it releases and its broken, well, I dodged a bullet.

WellyUK1118d ago

DICE has been going down hill for a while tbh.

ginsunuva1118d ago

DICE has been ruined for a while now.

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Hoffmann1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Well, its Electronic Arts, its DICE, its just a Battlefield game with the Star Wars theme.

And its another reason to NOT buy games anymore when they are launching and come from companies that are known for their broken releases.

MrCrimson1118d ago

dice is one of the few decent companies around imo. blame EA for forcing early releases, but i've been playing good games from DICE since 2002.

NeoGamer2321118d ago

I don't buy that BS at all.

Bungie left MS because they wanted to independently develop games. DICE can do the same if they really are that much against EA.

DICE is as much at fault here as EA is. If not more.

If EA is forcing DICE to release early, then why don't they just go independent? Game development is not something that EA owns, the intellectual property to build amazing game experiences is in the people's heads, not EA. They can leave EA at any moment and take their brains with them. But they choose not to.

ShadowWolf7121118d ago


Bungie didn't "leave" MS, they had to buy their own contract away.

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Relientk771118d ago

I might get Battlefront eventually but probably not at launch

Shakengandulf1118d ago

Leaning that way myself, will keep an eye on feedback and go from there.

ArchangelMike1118d ago

^Exactly this. I will be too busy with Fallout 4 to give StarWars:BF any real time. I'll probably get it in the new year, when the Day1 Beta testers have tested the game and it has been patched.

REDDURT1118d ago

When I saw the gameplay I was less than impressed. Dont let nostalgia get you hyped.

ninsigma1118d ago

I agree. Was really starting to look forward to it. Loved the originals but the last game play video I looked at a couple weeks ago really turned me off it :(