BioWare Tells MTV 'Dragon Age' Stuff - Explains Lack Of Voice, Presence of Origins, Hints At Dragons And Console Versions

MTV's Stephen Totilo writes:

"BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk talked to me about "Dragon Age" recently. I had just seen an E3 demonstration off-site from the "big" gaming trade show. I witnessed one of the most impressive cutscenes I've ever seen - an epic clash of armored heroes and grunting orcs that could make Peter Jackson jealous. And I played a few minute's of the game's borne-from-"Baldur's Gate" tactical combat.

Then we talked. About why this game exists, how it relates to "Baldur's Gate," whether they're trying to emulate Peter Jackson, why the lead character doesn't speak, how moral choices work in this game and lots more.

A super-sized Q&A follows. Learn more, because this game is shipping fairly soon: early 2009. On PC. But what's that he's suggesting about console versions way down at the bottom?"

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