Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 file size is over 40GB

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection install size confirmed for PS4.

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RAM0N 1214d ago

Will this have 3 platinum trophies or just 1

madmonkey011214d ago

i am going to say 3. these collections usually have one per game

THC CELL1214d ago

Yes and trophies not seen in other uncharted games (ps3)

madmonkey011214d ago

thats not bad considering,

Eonjay1213d ago

Exactly, but I think the original titles had a lot of duplicate data on the disc to increase loading speeds. Also, they can run it off of HDD now instead of streaming from disc. Compression has improved and there is more memory to store the assets for each level.

madmonkey011213d ago

if i remember right, which i probly dont, but uncharted 3 had about a 40gig install on its own.

madcowzz1213d ago


Yeah but a lot of it was for 3D and for other languages, of which you can optionally install

FoxyGotGame1214d ago

For 3 full games of the Uncharted Series Caliber ...40GB is a small file size /

zeuanimals1214d ago

Bluepoint are smart, the 3 games are using much of the same assets in the collection which greatly reduces how much space is needed. That means we'll see a lot of the same textures, but they'll be used in various ways that they won't seem to be exactly the same.

extermin8or1213d ago

Some of the assets and textures were likely used in some form in all or multiple entries anyway, they will have just upped resolution of them and had them on the disc once instead of three times.

SniperControl1213d ago

If you read it correctly, it does say "Over" 40gb.

yuukiliu1214d ago

Can't wait to get it. Already beat the games multiple times.

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