PlayStation VR Is Every Bit As Good As The Oculus Rift ... Even Better

Sony's virtual reality experience was once an example of how lack luster VR as a technology was. As you’ll see in the video, things have changed. Playing demos of PlayStation VR for the last three years has shown me how rapidly the quality of the experience on PlayStation has grown. Ever year it got a little bit better especially after the Oculus Rift started to be shown, Sony seemed to kick it into overdrive to catch up and catch up is exactly what they’ve done and then some.

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BlueOnBlue221755d ago

Can"t wait for playstation vr

amiga-man1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Sony has done a really good Job, Morpheus it seems has grown and it offers the quality VR experience gamers will buy into, while Move seems a perfect match for the tech.

I'm excited and I will be first in line when it finally arrives, well done Sony.

Cindy-rella1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I cant wait to buy this the moment its available. I remember seeing a lot of people saying that oculus rift will be way better than Playstation VR but i have been seeing some people who have recently played on both saying Playstation VR is better. I cant wait to hear more about the games coming to Playstation VR at the Playstation centric event in December.

If done properly i think playstation vr will be very successful. If there'll be amazing games to experience on playstation vr in abundance then ps4 will be a bigger success. I hope there will be a lot of games to experience on the device.

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uth111755d ago

People who judge by specs will say Occulus is better.

But sometimes specs alone can't describe the better experience- its the things you can't easily quantify that can make the difference

AndrewLB1755d ago


Isn't that the same argument the Xbone fanboys use against PS4? Wow... talk about hypocrisy.

The facts are the retail Oculus has higher resolution, higher "actual" refresh rate (not frame interpolation), wider viewing angle, and far more developers signed on to make content.

And this side-by-side comparison said the PS4 was not able to render a fast enough frame rate and it made him sick. lol.

And don't forget, the version of Oculus Rift all these comparisons are using is the DK2 Development version. Not the much better retail product.

Spikeantestor1755d ago


It's only hypocrisy if @uth11 was saying these things himself/herself.

Just because one member of a group says something doesn't mean all members think that same way.

devwan1755d ago

@uth11 A closed architecture is every bit as important as specs. PSVR devs know exactly what hardware is driving their game and can create accordingly. PC's myriad configurations and performance levels from set-up to set-up require a more brute-force approach.

That's a great leveller.

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Eonjay1755d ago


So then are you calling Todd Kenreck a liar? And why should we believe you and not this guy who have been using both for three years. He testifies that the experience is just as smooth and good, if not better than Oculus VR.

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ArchangelMike1755d ago

Yeah, but I'm really waiting for the price to be announced. I really hope Sony don't price it higher than 299.

nX1755d ago

This and I need VR confirmation for Fallout 4, Gran Turismo 7 and a few other games to buy into it. Gimmicky tech demos are cool but they can get boring pretty fast so it needs some proper gaming experiences to be worthwhile.

amiga-man1755d ago

GT7 will almost certainly use VR (Project Cars can already) not sure Fallout would work with VR (too much walking about) but I'm sure there will be more than a few surprises.

AndrewLB1755d ago

Sony has already stated that Playstation VR will cost the SAME as the console itself.

kenwonobi1755d ago

I feel like 299 is the sweet spot they should target..

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JMyers1755d ago

Are the move controllers an option or a necessity?

mkis0071755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Well they allow can use a dualshock I think but its not the same feel. They kind of set it apart from other actual device you hold that can be your gun/sword/anything.

JMyers1755d ago

I have the original move controller... somewhere in storage. Just wondering about overall cost and how it will be marketed as people will need a PS4, 2 move controllers and the VR headset. I am picking this us for sure. Very exited by it.

BitbyDeath1755d ago

Will depend on the game.

_-EDMIX-_1755d ago

Up to the developers, that is really design's decisions not Sony's.

They are a option for games I guess developers feel would be fun, they are necessity for games that developers feel the whole experience is with the move controllers I guess.

ArchangelMike1755d ago

I wondered the same thing about the bundles. I hope Sony will have a number of bundles available at launch as well as the stand alonw unit. I have two move controllers but no PS Camera. So I hope there will be a bundle with both PS:VR and the camera, but minus the move controllers. I can imagine buying PS:VR + PS Camera + Move controllers will add up pretty quick.

JMyers1755d ago

Yes exactly. I forgot about the camera. A lot of add ons to make the whole thing work. I am not complianing as I have these and the price doesn't matter much. I think it won't be main stream for a long time though.

Aenea1755d ago

I got the PS4 camera and the PS3 Move controllers, I just need the headset! I do hope they allow you to buy just the headset too though...

Davi1231755d ago

Can't be necessary have the camera. PSVR can be like DS4. With the camera, the DS4 is more responsive and accurate, but the sensors still work without the camera.

S2Killinit1755d ago

I believe move controllers are an option. Most games will be playable using the dualshock controllers.

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mkis0071755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I think I am going to buy it day 1 as long as it isn't priced above $300...may ignore the price altogether tbh.

gamer78041755d ago

it will be priced about 300$ playstation reps have said.

ArchangelMike1755d ago

You got a link for that statement? Not that I don't believe you, because I really do hope it's not higher than 300 bucks.

JMyers1755d ago

The rep said priced like a new console... so maybe about 399 or more.

MeliMel1755d ago

Thats not a bad price if its $300. I'd def preorder if thats the price. Ill even pay $399 for it. It is after all a different platform. You just need to have a PS4 as well. Better than building a rig and OR..

gamer78041755d ago

They said priced like a new console so 300 at lowest mayb 400

S2Killinit1755d ago

It will be somewhere between 350-425. I personally would like a 349, but then i dont want tgem to cheap out either. The headset will launch with 10 games. Im going to assume if you already have the camera, there will be a cheaper bundle w/out the camera for you.

VR technology isnt cheap to make.

KwietStorm1755d ago

No they have not lol why do people have such a lock on misquoting and making up statements? It was stated that it would cost the same price as "a new console," quoted word for word from Andrew House. Now use a little brain juice and figure out that they left that open for a reason. "A new console" doesn't mean a PS4. It's just a ballpark figure, and they could even be talking about a Wii U price. Also, with an [expected?] incoming PS4 price drop, it could match the price by the time PlayStation VR actually releases.

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gamer78041755d ago

i didn't like gaming with VR more than maybe 10 minutes, its not comfortable and makes it hard to multitask. I have a feeling this will remain niche and resurface every 5-10 years much like 3D has done.

THC CELL1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

We tried ps vr for 3 hours (rigs) u can get lost with track of time it's that good.

Paleblood1755d ago

So you believe that because you don't like it then the whole world is not going to like it?

gamer78041755d ago

no i don't believe the whole world will like it, i just believe that not enough will buy it to get it out of niche right now. Course this is just my opinion on it.

crazed_shadow271755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

The thing with these types of media (example: VR or 3D) is that they need to have patience and be persistent in supporting it. Sometimes a product is not at it's best when it first comes out (think of the PS3's original playstation store compared to what it was like at the end of it's life cycle, big changes and improvements). Sometimes the technology hasn't quite caught up. I for one love 3D. Some call it a novelty, but I don't regard it as one. I do understand that it is not for everyone and to each their own, but it is important that the content is available to both groups. Look how far we have gotten gotten since 3D was first introduced with those red and blue glasses that stripped the movie of it's true colors and was only used for pop-out effects. Then it became better in movies, and it started being used more to add depth rather than pop-out effects. With each year it gets better and we now have beautiful movies like Mad Max: Fury Road and Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow in 3D glory. Even 3D TVs when they first came out were good, but there was room for improvement. But thankfully they continued to make them rather than give up on the concept, and by today we have some really incredible TVs like LG's OLED TVs or Sony's or Samsung's that have better 3D than in theaters.

Anyway, my point from this giant wall of text is that letting things mature before giving up on them is vital, rather than seeing it as a failure on its first attempt.

ArchangelMike1755d ago

Was it Morpheus you tried, Oculus orHTC VR? And also what game did you play on it? All very important factors to take into consideration first.

I played Eve:VR on Oculus rift and absolutely loved it, and felt completely immersed, it wasn't until I took off the headset that I felt motion sickness. But I think that was because of the sudden transition from a sense of 360' range of movement to back to the normality of reality.

gamer78041755d ago

It was a 3rd party device, i don't remember the brand, but it was a generic first person shooter, it was a tech demo of what their vr could do. basically 1 level. So i'm just speaking on VR in general, not morpheus specifically.

traumadisaster1755d ago

Do you mean the reality that IS 360 range of movement?

This is getting funny now...

TLG19911755d ago

You don't even remember the VR product name you tried so it can't be a major name and you are calling the whole of VR off because of some generic VR product. draw your verdict when you try an oculus or PS VR and when you also try a proper game on it and not a box standard tech demo.

you are the ONLY person i have seen say they dont like VR. even people who didn't want to like it after trying they are sold on the idea. im not saying your opinion is wrong im just saying, what you have done is like eating cooking chocolate and saying all chocolate is rubbish.

WickedLester1755d ago

gaming with VR and gaming with PlaystationVR won't bet the same thing.

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THC CELL1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

We had a private meeting at game we are looking to bundle these with move cam and demo also standalone, when trying PlayStation vr we was all blown away kitchen oh man great for vr also tried games unannounced yet. BTW we also seen some prototype accessories

mafiahajeri1755d ago

Was it as scary as people were saying it is? Do the move vibrate? Thanks

ArchangelMike1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Awesome, any incdication of price points, especially with bundles? My perfect bundle would be like- PSVR+Camera+Move controllers = £399

Patrick1755d ago

"Prototype accessories"?
Please tell me they are bringing out an updated Move controller with analog. That would be a smart and awesome move (no pun intended) even though I'd have to buy all new ones. A way to use 2 moves with a game like Skyrim or Fallout, would be excellent.