What’s With All The VR Fuss?

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Xbox bigwig Phil Spencer has come out and stated that he hopes VR isn’t the future of gaming, and I agree with Phil.

Virtual Reality in games is a good concept and who doesn’t love a new piece of technology to play around with. It’s good to test the waters with technology, but does it become too much."

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alijones941122d ago

Completely disagree. VR doesn't have to mean the end of conventional gaming, and comparing what's already being done by oculus and valve to the virtual boy is massively unfair. Gaming has to go somewhere markedly different eventually, and I think VR will probably be a big part of the future.

GamerGabs1122d ago

I'm never really sure what to think of VR technology. I managed to have an experience of the tech, and it was pretty amazing to be inside another world, to be honest, I can't wait to see this be perfected. On the other hand, I do understand the anti-social side and agree that it could get a bit awkward at parties. I think it will be a long time until that's the case though. Games will come out that are both what we are used to and have VR support, for those that want it. It'll be a while before grabbing a headset is necessary in order to play games.

Yukes1122d ago

I don't think it'll ever be compatible with every genre of game; mobile is a larger threat to "traditional" gaming than VR in my opinion.

Also, I'd suggest it's no more antisocial than playing an RPG by yourself, or arguably even playing online multiplayer against screaming kids who you don't know. Local multiplayer is trying to make a resurgence through indie devs, but it's an uphill struggle.

1noobgamer1121d ago

I dont think it will be, I think it'll accompany gaming like the steering wheel. Not everyone has one, they're nice to have when you have a racing game but its just not for everyone

Yukes1121d ago

Wheels make racing games with any element of realism an infinitely better experience! It's not so much an accessory in my opinion, as it fundamentally changes the way you play a game, rather than just altering it slightly.

Skellytorx1121d ago

I think I'm so used to just sitting in front of the TV with controller in hand that it's hard to change to anything else. Take the Kinect for example, it was a great piece of tech and I've had some great fun with friends playing games such as Kinect Sports, but soon the novelty wore off and we were back to sitting on our butts with an Xbox remote. This could possibly be the same for VR gaming but I guess only time will tell.

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The story is too old to be commented.