As Voice Actors Prepare To Strike, Far Cry 4 Director Expresses Concern Over Residuals

With a voice actors strike looming and a media blackout agreed upon by the union representing talent (SAG-AFTRA) and publishers in effect, comment from the two sides is likely to be in short supply. We know what the union is asking for, and why it has called a vote to strike. Now, we are starting to hear from individual developers.

On Twitter today, Far Cry 4 director Alex Hutchinson expresses a concern with SAG-AFTRA’s demand for back-end payments (also called residuals). These are percentage payments disbursed to actors predicated on performance of the related media (often film or television).

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LightofDarkness1122d ago

Sounds like union over reach, unfortunately.

DemonChicken1122d ago

To be honest, If there were more back end payments and royalties - shouldn't the money go to the programmers. coders, etc first?

not that voice actors aren't important but I think other jobs are also as important as the voice actors - just saying.

1122d ago
ravinash1122d ago

I think the VAs think them selves the same way actors do in movies.
In movies, often the actor has major influence on how well the movie does in accordance to how well known the actor is.

It does not work like that for games.
Patrick Stewart is a big name actor, but I bet no one went out and got Elder scrolls or Castlevania because he was in it.
Known actor names is just not an influence when choosing what games you want to play.

As for the Hashtag #performancematters, what about the performance of the programmers, people working long hours to deadlines who really make the game what it is. Often having their contracts finish when the game is done. where is their reward for their performance!

It must be nice to just stroll on, read from a script and thnk the whole game is down to you...really!

EDKICK1122d ago

Not even talking about whether I agree or not. The hashtag performancematters sounds childish everyone knows VA is important and wil weatons tweet was so whiny.

Ashlen1122d ago

I support the right of collective bargaining. My only real issue though is the residuals. This is in part how music artists validate things like their ability to issue takedowns on youtube videos and such. It would be a huge step backwards if every time "xvoiceactorx" opens their mouth it issues a violation.