Destroy All Humans PSP Cancelled

IGN reports: The current PSP release schedule is pretty much a cut-rate psyche test - is the glass half full or half empty? Folks leaning toward the optimistic answer have been dealt a blow today; THQ has officially canned Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed on the PSP.

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pwnsause4316d ago

good, the PSP doesnt need ports. especially crappy IPs such as this.

MaximusPrime4316d ago

never played this game and im not even interested.

Lucreto4316d ago

If they canceled the PS2 version it was not likely a PSP version was going to be made.

I hope the true sequal will be as good as the first 2 games.

Zerodin4316d ago

Guess it just isn't worth the Dev's time.

user8586214316d ago

how microsofts handheld doing lmao hahahaha

here a joke ZOOM oh crap i mean ZUNE

mistertwoturbo4316d ago

I feel bad for any PSP games. Cause it will sell like crap, make no return on their investment, and just be downloaded via torrents.

CrazzyMan4316d ago

almost ALL hardcore games sell POORLY on PSP AND DS.

ONLY Nintendo games(which most are CASUAL stuff) have great sales, all other just suck.
Final Fantasy IV DS Square Enix 1 47,621 (!)
even for great remake, less then 50k first week. Do you see any 3rd party hardcore DS game in the top?

Both consoles suffer from pirated games, ONLY that Casual gamers, who buy ONLY nintendogs or brain training, don`t hack console just for 1-2 games, that`s why it has great sales, all other games sell POORLY.

f7897904316d ago

On the other hand Crisis Core has sold like crazy on the psp. I think it might be because there are more hardcore gamers on the psp and its FFVII.

mistertwoturbo4315d ago

Yeah even 360 games are being pirated. But it's nowhere near as bad as PSP and DS piracy. I bet anything the people who clicked disagree on me are the same folks who download Dark_Alex's firmware.

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The story is too old to be commented.