FIFA 16 vs PES 2016: Which Is Better?

Luke Plunkett:

"The King is dead. Long live the King.

For almost as long as I’ve been comparing these two games—traditional “reviews” seemed increasingly pointless as the years wore on, especially since people generally only wanted to know which of the two they should side for—one has been outright better than the other. EA’s FIFA, flush with cash (and Premier League licenses), emerged around seven years ago as the dominant football title, superior to Konami’s rival PES series in almost every regard."

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bixxel1119d ago

Messi is undoubtedly etter than Neymar.
So, obviuosly Fifa 16 is better than PES 16.

Lev19031119d ago

Your comment gave me an headache. Congratulations!

RustCohle1119d ago

Smh, Messi stans are annoying af.

OT: I can't really say but PES is improving steadily, still going for Fifa 16 though

3-4-51118d ago

PES is better than Fifa this year in more ways that stand out so it looks and plays more like a real game this year.

They both do really good things, and both are worth buying but PES finally wins this year, if just barely.

chrisx1119d ago

Better is subjective but I'm going for fifa 16

Fezza1119d ago

If you like football & can afford it, then I'd recommend buying both as they're both as good as eachother in different ways.

sealava1119d ago

tried pes 2016 and fifa 16 ...pes is good yes , but still not as fluid as fifa atm .playing pes online is like watching a comedy show , can't stop laughing from ai mistakes .

Rookie_Monster1119d ago

FIFA well got the all important Fifa license even though many critics agreed PES 16 plays better. Up to the player to decide

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The story is too old to be commented.