550 Games Released This Generation So Far on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Finder has compiled data on every single game currently available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it's quite a lot!

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SlappingOysters1123d ago

Way more than I would have expected, but look how many of them are indies! Pretty impressive to see how much that scene has contributed to this generation.

CoyoteHunter1122d ago

I know right. I wouldn't have guessed anywhere near that many! You'd be pretty hard to please if you couldn't find something that took your fancy in a list like that.

SlappingOysters1122d ago

So what do you reckon the tally will be by the end of the generation. I reckon we'll pass 2000

Eonjay1123d ago

It comes t0:
Xbox One:290+

With obviously a lot of titles being on both.

SlappingOysters1123d ago

Interesting, that would suggest around 200 multiformat games.

Macka10801123d ago

I'd like to filter through that list and see how many also came out on the previous generation, just for curiosity's sake.

SlappingOysters1122d ago

Yeah fantastic idea. Probably around 30 or so of the major publishers. I reckon way more of the indies.

sarahnade1122d ago

Ps4 all the way. Some more exclusives on the way too.

Why o why1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Nope....we've been told otherwise plus only holiday games count and you also have to disregard the games that don't interest 'them' personally plus minus the indies.........easy xbox win in terms of games....

....Jokes aside, there are a ton of games to play on both formats so game on

SlappingOysters1122d ago

You know what, I prefer the Xbox controller and UI, so I play Xbox. That's more important than the variation in games available for me. I do wish Naughty Dog was a multiformat dev though.

NoRemorse18121122d ago

Wow much higher number than I thought