Halo 5 Mission 10 Team Osiris New Vehicle Gameplay

Halo 5 Mission 10 Team Osiris New Vehicle Gameplay

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boodi1123d ago

not very impressed by this part of the game

otherZinc1123d ago

LMAO! What a great game this is setting up to be!

boodi1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

don't know what you have to laugh your ass off .. i'm getting it too ..
but i'm not impressed by some things..
other things are fine..

so wtf you lyao?

Dezmond1123d ago

Not impressed? Have you even play the demo of this game? It looks great even though it comes out next month.

boodi1123d ago

no i didn't . it looks very good but not the banshee or flyin parts as they look like toys and movement looks artificial

mark_parch1123d ago

looks so freaking epic. can't wait

81BX1123d ago

What's with all these videos??? I haven't checked any out. I want the game to surprise me, but this is the 3rd video in 2 days?

christocolus1123d ago

Microsoft just held a Halo Preview event. The campaign is what the media is talking about now and on Friday they'll start talking about the multiplayer.

81BX1122d ago

Ahhh, thanks. Must resist!

christocolus1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Looking great. Can't wait

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