The Last of Us 2: Question of When Not If, History Projects 2018

ThisGenGaming Writes: "If The Last of Us 2 follows in the footsteps of Uncharted when making the jump to the newest generation consoles, the turnaround for such a project took five years for Mr. Drake to complete. Graphically, The Last of Us is better prepared to make the jump than Uncharted was. From Uncharted 3 to 4 there was 5 years between titles. It would not be surprising to see the company take some time off of the development cycle and aim for a Christmas of 2017 launch. However, like the Uncharted series, you don’t rush perfection. In that case 2018 seems like a more realistic answer to the question of when we will get our hands on a sequel."

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jon_snow1121d ago

I'm hoping for holiday 2017 but like author says no need to rush perfection so 2018 is also good.

ArchangelMike1120d ago

Yeah, it's realistically more likely to be holiday 2018 unfortunately, and maybe even spring 2019. It'll probably go into pre-production after Uncharted 4, and then two full years of production after that.

heedstone1120d ago

Hmph, that's a long time to wait! But I'm sure it'll be worth it! :)

psplova1120d ago

I don't like thinking about things I want now not happening until 2018.

SpinalRemains1381120d ago

Once a generation, toward the end, for maximum effect.

This is the right way.

Ezz20131120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

they can take all the time in the world
Day 1 when ever it come out.

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