Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Explains How Bringing Xbox Exclusives to PC Benefits Console Fans

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is opening up on the trend, explaining that the financial benefits of the move open up more opportunities for Xbox fans

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uth111212d ago

For many people, every Xbox exclusive that goes to Windows is one less reason to buy an Xbox

gangsta_red1212d ago

For many others it's no big deal since those games will still be available on Xbox One.

And as the article states more sales means more profit which means more studios staying open to make the games we all love to play.

Not to mention a bigger eco-system of players for multiplayer games thanks to MS's new focus on cross-play.

I for one hope they start to make some RTS games that will be cross play and I hope it starts with a new Age of Mythology.

GigawattConduit1212d ago

I'd be surprised if Halo Wars 2 didn't offer cross play. It seems like that will be their intended breakout hit for it as far as the RTS genre.

q8kik1212d ago


"For many others it's no big deal"

Oh believe me it is

One of the most requested things that the xbox community wants right now is that their precious games stay fully exclusive to the console.

With more than 2500k votes, it's safe to say that many are upset about this.

KiwiViper851212d ago

2500 votes out of a possible 13 million?

q8kik1212d ago


Yea it's in the first page of the top ideas for the "Gaming and Achievements" section.

Justiceleague1212d ago

Except for the people that pirate games

1212d ago
q8kik1212d ago


The most requested idea in that section only has 15k votes(out of 13 million) so how is 2.5k(also out of 13 million) is any less significant?
And if the official Xbox forums and feedback site is not a great indication of what the fanbase want then what is?

BattleAxe1212d ago

2500 people....who cares. I think more people are interested in the entire ecosystem that Microsoft is currently building, starting with Windows 10, the Xbox App and the unified Microsoft store with cross-buy, cross-play and cross-platform play.

Vegamyster1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


"Except for the people that pirate games"

q8kik1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


"I think more people are interested in blah blah blah"

You see the difference between what you said and what i said is that i brought numbers.....You brought....well "I think".

Now i want you to think hard for this one.
Between my post and yours, Which one has more credibility?

stuna11212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Not going by the majority of poster on here. The majority of gamers especially when talking about a multiplatform title that's performing on lower standards/footing than the competitors version. The first thing you hear is "I'm getting the superior version on PC, running at 4K resolution with 120 FPS"!

Knowing this why wouldn't the same reasonings apply here!? Since even though they're Xbox exclusive, but they'll be playable on PC's.

TFJWM1212d ago

If every Xbox1 game is on the PC there is pretty much no reason to get an xbox1 unless you can't afford a PC. PC + PS4(Wii U...?) would be the way to go to game.

LonDonE1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Cross play is over rated! i dont want cheating hack/mod using pc gamers in my multiplayer lobbies! and mouse keyboard combo is unfair vs controller.

I think xbox should keep all its exclusives, i know lots of pc gamers who buy nintendo and playstation consoles for the exclusives, xbox? Not so much.

Pc has lots of exclusives, i wish ms wouldnt give away its exclusives! by the words very definition, ITS SUPPOSED TO BE EXCLUSIVE LOL

Not saying all pc gamers hack/cheat its just a bigger problem on pc.

nix1211d ago


you know.. the only franchise i've ever wanted to play on Xbox was Gears of War. But as the games are coming out on PC, i see no reason to buy an Xbox.

Volkama1211d ago

There is only one set of people that have a legitimate reason to be bothered that Xbox games releasing on PC; people that already have both.

People with a decent PC that see no reason to buy an XBox One should be pleased, as it saves them £200 (or whatever the console costs).

People without a decent PC have no reason to complain, because their experience is unchanged.

People that have a PC and an Xbox One already may potentially be annoyed, because they may feel they wasted some money.

That last group I would expect to hear complain. Don't really hear much from that group though. Personally I have a gaming PC hooked up to the same screen as the Xbox, so I'm not sure anyone has more reason to begrudge the change than me. Yet I'm just pleased for the opportunity to play those games on better hardware, and would prefer it if every "xbox exclusive" was playable on Windows.

mcstorm1211d ago

I think what a log of people seem to forget is most people who play on consoles don't own a gaming pc. So a lot of people cant play some of the big name games like GOW, Halo ect on pc as they need a powerful pc to make it run so I don't see if having negative on the xbox sales as such as there maybe a few less sales in terms of consoles but the developers will have more sales imo as the pc sales of the game will be up for the gamers who want the exclusive games but don't want to buy an xbox one. But one thing this will do is help xbox live grow more and more which is a plus for Microsoft and its eco system.

For me this is one big plus side MS have over Nintendo and Sony for gaming.

NewMonday1211d ago

problem for MS is XB1 exclusives now have a reputation for being "timed", many will assume they will show up later on other platforms.

Kratos0Ultra1211d ago

@: q8kik:

I can't believe you got so many disagrees. I hope the people disagreeing checked the link. I didn't know about this. That is the place where you make your thoughts known to Microsoft. So there at least 2,500 Xbox fans don't want Xbox one exclusives going to PC. It makes sense why they would be upset. I would definitely get a PC in the long run if the Xbox One lost all exclusives.

kenshiro1001211d ago

People buy consoles mainly for exclusives, games that can't be found anywhere else. What would be the point in buying an XB1 if these games are on PC?

1211d ago
Volkama1211d ago

@Kenshiro spoken like that is a bad thing?

It'd be lovely if I didn't need to buy 4 different systems just to play all the games I want to.

donthate1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I am looking forward to cross-buy and cross-play!

A game coming to Windows/PC means more gamers exposed to console franchises, and when they are ready to buy a console for living room use are more likely to buy the console that has the games they want to play.

This is great news, and MS opening up means Xbox gamers will greatly benefit from this in the long term.



The most requestes Backwards compatible game got almost a 100k votes! Heck, even Kinect's most requested feature beats 2.5k!

I'm sorry, that is wishful thinking on your part.

CitizenFour1211d ago

Seems more people are in favor of Cross play... so the 2500 votes is a mute point

gangsta_red1211d ago

I'll say this, if this gives you one less reason to buy an Xbox One then you never had any reason to buy an Xbox One in the first place.

These aren't reasons, just excuses.

XBLSkull1211d ago

It's really going to shine when you buy a game on Microsoft platform, and you have access to both the Windows version as well as the Xbox version. Great for people like me who game on Xbox with all his friends, but would like his PC to turn the game up to 11 when I play on my own. Make it happen.

APexGamer451211d ago

Wow. Some X1 fans are in such damage control.

Fact is less exclusive means = less reason to buy Xbox. Simple as that.

Stop with bu bu bu bu but it is still "MS" exclusive... Really?

BeefCurtains1211d ago

If I knew they would eventually be on PC, I'd have gotten a PS4. Could've had it all...

rainslacker1211d ago

It's not really a big deal because I believe the PC and console markets don't really cross paths as much as some would make out.

People have their preference of PC or console, and they have their console preference.

It just adds choice, and drives more sales of their software, which does all the things you say. At least in theory. Whether they use that money for those purposes is not written in stone, but it's not bad for the dev to sell more games.

Honestly, I believe MS should put their console exclusives on PC, so it actually drives the adoption of their eco-system, as well as their OS. There's more money in driving the OS market(along with it's own ecosystem/market) than the console market.

Unspoken1211d ago

Even if you didn't buy an Xbox and you want to play an exclusive cross platform game on PC, guess what, you are using Windows. Either way you have to shell out for a bare bones PC and a decent video card plus OS. That keeps MS in business and they end up with your money no matter what.

Now when MS opens it up to having a single purchased copy on any Windows system, including Xbox, gamers will be overjoyed that they are given the option at playing at different graphical fidelities and still have the great Xbox Live experience. It's what MS should have done all along.

Now we will have the possibility of having more community game development tools available with PC in the mix for Xbox users. What other PC resources can be used for Xbox?

Sorry to break it to you, but as much as you might want this to affect MS negatively, it's not.

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1381212d ago

It definitely played a part in my decision to sell the one I got with that crazy Best Buy TV + Bone combo.

KiwiViper851212d ago

The fact that you called it a bone shows that your decision was already made.

1381212d ago

If it had games I wanted to play that I couldn't play anywhere else, I would have kept it. Simple as that.

Grap1212d ago

Cause PS4 has a lot of exclusive.

1212d ago
KiwiViper851211d ago


when does ps4's next AAA exclusive release?

NewMonday1211d ago


last month
this month
next month

basically all the time

Kratos0Ultra1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

@ KiwiViper85:

This October month theres is:

Disgaea 5
Dragon Quest Heroes

Both are AAA from Japan, but AAA nonetheless.

Then you also have:

Uncharted Collection
Journey Collection

So 2-4 AAA for October, depending of whether you want to count collections like these or Rare Replay or not.

Now you know. By the way, we had Until Dawn on August and Tearaway Unfolded on September if you didn't notice. The Order 1886 in feb, and Bloodborne on march. What did the xbox have during this whole time?

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N0TaB0T1212d ago

And none of this will stop people from buying either platform.

Nice try though.

TFJWM1212d ago

I'm pretty sure if every MS exclusive was on PC and Xbox1 it would stop people from buying one of them...

Davi1231212d ago

Really?! Exactly ,How many people you think know about this? How you think someone who wants to buy Halo 6 (for XBone) will react when see someone play it on PC?

1211d ago
Kratos0Ultra1211d ago

source for that?

We don't know but it might be one of the reasons why PS4 is at 25 million and Xone just at 13 million. And it could be the reason why that gap widens from now on. We will see.

badz1491211d ago

IF every single game on Xbone including exclusives are going to be available on PC, that is like writing the xbone name in the death note!'s going to choke it to death very quickly!

Those games can have higher graphical settings on PC depending on the rig, even 4k, kb+m vs controller? Good luck competing to the later, free online vs Gold? That's a no btainer and more importantly, those games will be more easily pirated like every single game that exists on PC.

Forget about new user buying an Xbone, even current owners will likely ditch the console altogether if that really happens! If MS is planning on transforming the Xbox brand from a console to a pure gaming service, then this will definitely speed up the process but if they are tryibg to sell more Xbone, I think they are doing it wrong!

rainslacker1211d ago

Some people just prefer playing on a console. Some people don't have high end rigs...although it's possible to get a decent PC fairly inexpensively...although not as cheap as an X1 if you want it to play games.

It may keep people from buying an X1 if they're predominately a PC player though...or take no issue with playing on PC.

I myself prefer console over PC, so tend to opt for the console option.

None of it will be black and white.

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fulnattybrah1212d ago

My take on it is, a console gamer will always play on console.... Xbox games going to pc is not going to make me build a gaming rig, its too much of a hassle with upkeep and upgrading / viruses etc..etc... I

BG115791212d ago

Are you scared that with the new W10 arriving into the Xbone, and supposedly, unifying systems smartphone, PC, tablet, console, that virus that work on W10 will also work on your Xbone?

Just asking? Because having one OS over several types of hardware may bring bad things with it...

Davi1231212d ago

I agree with you in that point! But believe me, many not will care about that. Because of how easy is pirate a game on pc. And then, they have the easy part too, of connect a X360 or a XOne controller in pc.

1211d ago
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DevilOgreFish1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Phil Spencer talks about both pc and Xbox gamers gaming with cross-play. Both fable legends and killer instinct are multiplayer games. I have a feeling when Spencer says "bringing games over" it's just the ones that can benefit from cross-play.

This actually makes sense for the ecosystem Microsoft wants to establish with Windows 10 and XBox.

3-4-51212d ago

Not really, I have both, and I'd prefer to play on Xbox One if I had the choice.

UncleJerry1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Basically it just means that PC gamers do not need to buy an X1 (although a good handful of exclusives seem to be staying on x1 only). MS wins because they still make money on the PC and console gamers still get to play the games. So the main problem is really for fanboys who lose bragging rights because people can just say "well I have a ps4 and PC so bam"!! even though a lot of the people saying that prob don't. Idk, I play mainly x1 and I couldn't care less. Really between having x1 and ps4 I want for nothing at this point.

slasaru011211d ago

IF it is partial sharing, for games like Ori and Fable, i'm ok with it. For the rest games - who would want to pay for Live when you can play for free on PC? Only some idiot. Also, PC has waaaaaaay more games than Xbox, why is it so crucial get even more?

Jason_Plays_PC1211d ago

Yeah cause its so hard to pirate windows...You think Ms make money off every Pc gamer? Think again..

UncleJerry1210d ago

Why all the disagrees? All I said is the only downside to X1 games coming to a PC iss that fanboys lose braggin rights because it's not longer "exclusive". What are the other downs sides and do people not agree that fanboys are butthurt? Sometimes I don't get people.

And for the record, i am not saying MS makes every penny on every game ever played on a to those below....

Azzanation1211d ago

Nothing changes because those who want to game on console will always game on console. Doesn't matter if the games on PC. I am a PC gamer yet I still find a need to game on Xbox just like I do with PS and Nintendo. Some games I just prefer gaming on a console for while some I don't.

343_Guilty_Spark1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

The Xbox as it is now is just a box tied to Xbox services, but really the Xbox can be any box. I think that is the future, Microsoft wants. They want you the gamer to be able to decide whether you play Xbox games on PC, a console or both. They want to have one store for all their Windows 10 devices. I think it will be a huge selling point next generation, because while many will still want a console some may only want to play Xbox games on PC. I honestly don't see the issue. Many games are available now on PC. That didnt stop me from wanting to buying an Xbox, simply because I didn't want to deal with all the initial set up that goes into PC gaming.

Also people talk about Piracy. There are ways to compromise piracy attempts by using a sandboxed ecosystem, requiring online connections, virtualized OS, etc.

Some people aren't seeing the big picture here. As someone stated already, many console gamers would still play console games. I mean all you have to do is look at Console sales. Do huge multiplatform games that appear on PC and have better performance stop people from buying consoles. The answer is:

HELL NO. Console sales are still booming. People will play on what they prefer. That's really what it comes down too. I think some are scared though if Microsoft goes all in with Xbox+PC because it would diminish these so called console wars.

Death1211d ago

"For many people, every Xbox exclusive that goes to Windows is one less reason to buy an Xbox"

Let's think about this for a minute. If they aren't buying an Xbox One since they can play the games on their PC, they are still playing the games. If they aren't buying an Xbox One because they want the games to be exclusive, they really aren't gamers are they? It's silly to say a game has to be exclusive to enjoy it or the platform playing it. At the end of the day it's the game that matters, not what you are playing it on. Being exclusive doesn't make a game better, it makes it less accessible.

vegasdawg711211d ago

"For fanBOYs" fixed if for ya. Why would console gamers care? FanBOY talking point and that's it. If you can't afford a gaming rig, console is the way to go. Logic isn't your strong suit. You read to many post on N4g, the more games sold, the better for the industry. End of rant.

dkp231211d ago

It's not a lot of people don't have capable gaming pcs since hey are expensive. The Xbox one console is cheaper.

So not a lot of people are going to buy quantum break if it comes out on pc and spend 3x ore more to play it. Unless they have a pc and not a pos dell, most likely sails will be on Xbox one.

Those with great gaming pcs will maybe buy it, but games will still sell on xbone.

To ms with their knew strategy the game sale for both platforms still make them money.

synistatha11211d ago

That's what I have been saying why buy a xbox1 when all of there games come to pc it just doesnt make sense to me

Docknoss1211d ago

But with Windows 10 coming to Xbox. PC to Xbox ports will be effortless. So I'll get allot of games on my Xbox that won't be on PS4

TheTwelve1211d ago

You are correct, but people like to be fed new delusions. I still believe this is Microsoft's very thought out way of leaving the console business.

ic3fir31211d ago

the top games never release on pc, like gears 4, halo 5, quantum break, scalebound.

only the less important games is coming out on PC later as phantom dust, recore, fable legends, etc...

The_BlackHeart__1210d ago

Since when,

"we simply want more money and the PC install base is bigger" translates to "this is for the console fans"?

I'm telling you guys, Phil is a true master of telling people what they want to hear. The best man for the job.

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RAM0N 1212d ago

Yes it will benefit everyone good job phil

Sonyslave31212d ago

now this should shut up those people saying Ms doesn't benefit from having their games on pc.

Like Phil say in the article bringing xbox one exclusive 2 pc mean more sales which equal more games being made for Xbox One &Pc .

Thatguy-3101212d ago

Then it's not really exclusive -_- when it's available in more than one platform then why would people go for the Xbox one? Especially seeing how Pc gaming is gaining more and more popular. No one can deny that of course they're going to make profit out of the games beign sold on pc but the exclusives are what makes these consoles stand out.

freshslicepizza1212d ago

it's amusing reading from those who try and downplay the xbox one the most because some of the console exclusive games are also on the pc. yet they are the very same people who prefer playing games on the ps4 and also buy games on the ps4 that are on the pc as well.

Kiwi661212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

So does that mean that games that are on ps4 and pc aren't ps exclusives given how people like to say they're exclusive or does that logic only apply to xbox , just out of curiosity

Thatguy-3101212d ago

If a game is in more than one platform then of course it's not exclusive. Still stand by my statement so if a game is on pc and on ps4 then it's not a ps4 exclusive.

freshslicepizza1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


you have elaborated on two different things. exclusives and how it relates to pc gaming. sony, nintendo and microsoft all know their direct competitors are not the pc market. this is why you see console exclusive deals.

the question being asked is not authentic. when someone who buys games on consoles that are also on the pc then there really is no point in asking what's the point of getting an xbox one.

Kiwi661212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

So finally someone admits that if a ps game is also on pc means it isn't an exclusive, just a shame that others don't say that instead of ignoring it while ragging on xbox as you see it on here often where they say a game is still ps exclusive even if its also on pc yet they turn around and say that an xbox game isn't exclusive if its also on pc , so there shouldn't be a double standard but then i guess you could say its technicaly an exclusive as its not the competitors console

christocolus1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


Stop trying so hard to put some negative spin on this too. It doesn't matter if the game is on xbox or PC. The game will never be on the competitions consoles. PC is a market which MS benefits from. They make the most popular gaming OS /API on PC and there is Windows 10&DX12 which were just released.. Any advantage they get from putting their games on PC is also beneficial to Xbox and MS game studios as a whole. As he said it opens up more possibilities and brings in more gamers and also creates more sales for MS 1st party titles. I don't know many xbox fans who are bothered by this. Most gamers I know and interact with online play on console, they don't care about this. This won't change their deceisions when it comes to buying an xbox one. PC gamers will always game on PC and console gamers will game on console.its been this way for years. The financial advantage of having more games across PC and xbox outweighs any negative. Only a few see a problem with this and I don't even know why you are concerned?are you suddenly interested in getting an xbox one now?