Halo 5 Raid of Apex 7 screenshots

Along with the brand new Halo 5: Guardians campaign footage and gameplay released today, we also got another look at the upcoming Warzone map called “Raid on Apex 7“. A lot of older Halo fans will recognize this as a spiritual successor to Halo: Combat Evolved’s The Silent Cartographer. Check out the beautiful screenshots below, thanks to GamesReactor!

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Bigpappy1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Wow, beautiful. I am looking forward to Ghost recon, because as exciting and fun halo is to play, I am not a big fan of competitive shootouts. But this game has so much content that looks so very inviting to just immerge myself into. So it looks at this point that I have no choice but to jump in there, just like I did with the first 3 and with Garden Warfare. Count me in for day-one. Pre-order on is way.

spicelicka1214d ago

That jungle looks amazingg! The graphics are so damn crisp its beautiful.

Paytaa1214d ago

I think having Arena and Warzone is the perfect compromise for competitive and casual players. There's something for everyone which is great.

3-4-51213d ago

* I've noticed the good looking outdoor maps are all Warzone maps so far.

Hopefully we get an arena map outdoors as well.

christocolus1214d ago

“Halo 5: Guardians will ship with a total of six
Warzone maps and an additional six more
from October to June 2016 for free.”


spicelicka1213d ago

I think so far we've seen the obvious desert one, raid on apex 7, and the inner city metropolis one from the trailer. 3 more we haven't seen!

GearSkiN1214d ago

It's Silent cartographer, for multiplayer I like it

N0TaB0T1214d ago

I. Love. This.

This is one map where I might just zone out in contemplation. Nice work 343.