Rock Band 2 dated for October 19th on PS3

With Rock Band 2 releasing on September 14 for the 360, Sony fans will be waiting roughly a month for their chance to start rocking away once more. The PlayStation 3 version is set to release on October 19, which is coincidentally one month before the release of the Nintendo Wii version.

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lordv8der3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Heh the first one isnt even out on ps3 yet in Britain, *sigh* such is the curse of living in PAL territories.

sajj3163818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

I just don't get the one month delay ... really I don't. 6 months I can understand ... heck even 3 months but ONE month????

I'm going to say it ... why not delay the 360 version to release at the same time as the PS3 version?

Denges3818d ago

im still waiting for rock band 1... wtf man

looks like im picking up world tour

zo6_lover273818d ago

So the 360 version comes out 1 month before the ps3 version, and the ps3 version comes out 1 month before the Wii version, is the ps2 version coming out 1 month after the Wii version too?
I don't get the point of this.

metalhead3817d ago

funny thing about that the early 360 release is just the game while the bundle in released at the same time as the PS3s

solar3818d ago

thank god it was not 2 months like originally thought. im fiending to play some Chop Suey. ya SOAD might be kinda lame, but i like them :D