GTA V's MP Mod with Dedicated Servers & User-made Game Modes, FiveM, Is No Longer Under Development

DSOGaming writes: "FiveM was a really interesting MP mod for Grand Theft Auto V that caused a lot of problems as it was rivalling Rockstar’s very own GTA Online service. And unfortunately, its creator has announced that this project is no longer under development."

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crazychris41241749d ago

Sucks they had to cancel it but at least someone else is taking a crack at it. Would love to play MP using mods with friends. None of that godmode crap, Im talking police mods, races with real cars and more that makes the game fun for everyone.

john21749d ago

I'm pretty sure Rockstar will also ban all the other MP mods. It's just that FiveM was the most well known thus far

SunnyZ1749d ago

It also did not help that rockstar decided to perma ban everyone who used the mod...

They made the mod so that you NEEDED a rockstar social club account, so only people with legit versions of the game could use it.

Now I'm betting someone else will take over it, remove that restriction, so cracked versions of the game can use the multiplayer mod.

GG rockstar, shoot yourself in the foot.

DoctorFry1749d ago

Kinda sucks. With dedicated servers we could've seen mods like DayZ or Hunger Games.