Metal Gear Online Community Manager Talks Post-Launch Support, Launch Preparations, Gameplay & More

Metal Gear Online (or Metal Gear Online 3) will be available as a free update to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on October 3rd, and at Tokyo Game Show DualShockers had a chat about it with Community Manger Robert Allen Peeler.

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PhoenixUp1212d ago

I really wish Konami released a public beta for MGO3 to iron out issues and ensure it runs smoothly at launch

Abriael1212d ago

Damn. I knew I forgot to ask something >_>

AlphaKennyOne1212d ago

I still remember the MGO2 launch. Ohhh laawwwd have mercy.

pwnsause_returns1212d ago

remember Konami ID???Jesus christ.....

xPhearR3dx1212d ago

Even with that, it's not going to help as much as you'd think. Konami should have learned from GTA V's mistake. Although the numbers aren't GTA V big, by October 6th most people will have at least completed the story and are going to want to try online. Now you have a giant influx of players coming at once. Where as, if it released alongside MGSV, a very large portion wouldn't have touched MGO and stuck to SP instead. And in that time, Konami could have sorted out the online issues so once people do finish SP, they can enjoy MGO to the fullest extent.

I mean, look at their servers during MGS V launch with nearly no MP content, just one PVP mode (assuming the player actual joins to defend). It was pretty much broken for over a week straight. If MGO suffers the same fate, it's going to be a very rocky journey.

chaldo1212d ago


Remember their update system...?

pwnsause_returns1212d ago

yea....So painful....Like a phantom pain....

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DEEBO1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I got a nuke and will kill your whole fob staff so don't test me.
My horn is big and I'm covered with my opponents blood!


franwex1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


Who1212d ago

October 3rd? I thought it was October 6th?

LoaMcLoa1212d ago

Really want to know more details on the PC release. They keep saying that it'll be avaible for anyone who bought MGSV on October 6th but for some reason excludes PC in that.

January seems way off for something that releases in October espiecially since the PC version released on the same date when the base game came out