Meet the woman responsible for the year's biggest video game

Fortune: "Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir is overseeing production of ‘Star Wars Battlefront’."

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SaveFerris1753d ago

I thought Fallout 4 was going to be the 'biggest video game' of 2015?

TitanUp1753d ago

In scope sure. Money and marketing i'm guessing Battlefront is going to get the win.

AidenPearce1753d ago

I wouldn't be so sure of that yet. Yes, MP focused games make a lot of money, add Star Wars and you're gotten a sure success on your hands (at least $$ wise), but I would not count Fallout out of that race to the best-selling spot either.

morganfell1753d ago

Battlefront has a built in ad campaign called - The Biggest Movie of the Year. And Star Wars will be the biggest theme this Christmas.

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AidenPearce1753d ago

@bruce775 Fair enough. I take back my comment after reading some of the replies. F4 will sell well most likely, but Battlefront is most likely to sell a lot more thanks to being a MP game, and a Star Wars film coming out.

leahcim1753d ago

In scope and in score of course

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Spenok1753d ago

That's all really a matter of opinion. For some people it's Fallout, other Battlefront, others MGSV. However, as far as franchise perception, I'm not sure which it will be. Battlefront may even sell more because it's a Multiplayer focused game, and easily accessible by comparison.

Spotie1753d ago

That, and it's a Star Wars game, a Battlefront game, and a game entry in one of the largest entertainment franchises of all time, releasing the same year as a new movie.

Not really the biggest for me, but I definitely see it as the biggest game this year.

krouse931753d ago

Cool, how about "Meet the Project Manager in charge of the year's biggest game!"

Not eye catching enough? Thought so.

Eonjay1753d ago

Well, if he is the Project Manager, then she actually should feel responsible for delivering on what could be the biggest game of the year.

Fireseed1753d ago

Literally dozens of articles on N4G are titled, "Meet the man behind... Meet the guy who..." and no oneeven once mentions that they should go with a gender neutral headline. But a we get even one "Meet the women behind..." and people think it's doing it for the clicks.

When something as simple as someones description is thought to be "eye catching" you know theirs a problem.

gamejediben1753d ago

"...the years biggest video game"

"Star Wars Battlefront"


You spelled Fallout 4 wrong. Try again.

Kaneki-Ken1753d ago

Stars Wars have a bigger fan base that you can even imagine and it been years since they release a new game (last game was Star Wars Battlefront 2 which was game of the year.)Fallout 4 may be one of the biggest game of the year but that fan base may say otherwise.

gamejediben1753d ago

Pretty sure that Battlefront 2 came out in 2005 and just about EVERYONE knows that Resident Evil 4 won that years' GotY award.

Even had RE4 not released that year, I'm pretty sure Shadow of the Colossus, God of War and Civilization 4 would have beaten Battlefront 2 by a country mile.

Sorry, but after so many awesome games, Fallout is video game royalty at this point. Star Wars games have sucked Jabba the Hutt's balls for the past decade. Remember The Force Unleashed 1&2? Just because there a lots of Star Wars fans doesn't mean they are going to spend their hard earned money on a multiplayer only Star Wars game with fewer features than Battlefront 2.

CrowbaitBob1748d ago

@ Areku_Senpai

Star Wars fanbase =/= Star Wars video game fanbase.

Star Wars Episode 7 will be far more relevant to the Star Wars fanbase as a whole than a video game.

N0TaB0T1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Congratulations I don't care about this numb shell that pretends to be Battlefront.

Nostalgia or not the latest Battlefront will be loaded with garbage nobody asked for. Because consistency sucks right.

jambola1753d ago

Biggest? Bloodborne? Fallout 4? The witcher? Metal gear solid 5?
I'm pretty sure any of those are bigger, and maybe more

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