SOMA Gameplay - The Second Part

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "We delve deeper into the shrouded maze of horror that is SOMA. The atmospheric setting is so intense it can render you useless."

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1noobgamer1748d ago

ANother great stream! Will tune in next time

MrsNesbitt1748d ago

Good to hear! Thanks for tuning in :)

GamerGabs1748d ago

Always fun watching these. I love that you name all the bad guys - I do exactly the same thing, especially when playing scary games. I hope Bobbles makes a return soon, he was awesome xD

Yukes1748d ago

It makes them just that little less scary. Only a little, mind, particularly in SOMA's case.

Yukes1748d ago

Saw this live, and you were certainly useless! Very entertaining though, keep them up. Discoman was freaky.

Maple221748d ago

I hated those disco head guys! This game is really creepy and I just can't figure out why. Great fun watching you play though. Can't wait for the next round....

MrsNesbitt1748d ago

Apparently there's worse to come. I may have to start drafting my will

Maple221748d ago

Oh no... I might have to bulk buy some new underwear!

Shillmeister1748d ago

In the words of Thor, "Another!" Entertaining stuff :)

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