Every Upcoming Japanese Xbox One Game and Why We’re Excited for Them

Hardcore Gamer: Yes, we all know the Xbox One is posting laughable numbers in Japan. We get it. We also get that there are fanboys out there that throw a temper tantrum any time they feel slighted by having a Japanese game release on a Microsoft system (just do a search for this month’s announcement of JRPG developer Experience Inc. working on two Xbox One exclusive titles and read the comments section). Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that — despite Microsoft not supporting Eastern developers well at all these days and despite their not knowing how to market their systems to anyone but Americans — there are still Japanese exclusives coming down the pipeline for Xbox One.

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DigitalRaptor1118d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

Decent list. Although Phantom Dust was shelved. Scalebound and ReCore are the only games that I think will get any kind of recognition from MS. I'm not even sure what Japanese devs hope to achieve by putting their games exclusively on a platform that has always been rejected by the Japanese audience, and mostly flopped last gen by those decisions but it is what it is. Diversity is important, so that's great.

Interested in seeing ReCore gameplay. Armature Studio's efforts have been on 2D sidescrolling games and ports. Comcept seem only to have worked on 2D sidescrolling games, and a couple of handheld games. The concept from the trailer looks interesting, but from that repertoire, I'm not expecting this to be a big game. I'll be happy to be proven wrong on that though.

@ Septic

It has been shelved. "Not in active development" means shelved, not cancelled.

@ Nitus10

Most of these will end up on PS4 as well as PC, most likely. I just have no idea what the executives of these studios are thinking when they decide to go make an Xbox exclusive. It's bewildering, but they must have their reasons.

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Septic1118d ago

Phantom Dust hasn't been shelved. Well not officially anyway.

I wonder what's going on with it now.

Mikefizzled1118d ago

From the tiny suggestions Adam gave out on Twitter is they were still looking for a developer who has as much passion for it as Darkside but with a higher quality team. Paraphrasing, obviously.

nitus101118d ago

From what I can gather the exclusive games are:

Happy Dungeons (2016)
Shooting Love Trilogy (TBA)
Natsuki Chronicle (TBA 2015)
Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (Fall 2015)
Students of Round 2 (TBA 2017)
Stranger of Sword City (early 2016)
Raiden V (TBA 2015)
ReCore (TBA)
Phantom Dust (TBA)
Scalebound (Winter 2016)

Lots of TBA's there and "TBA 2015" what does that mean? You only have three months left.

The problem here is that while some of these games are marked as exclusive many appear to be slated for the PC as well.

Well unless Microsoft pays for it I doubt many of the above will get Japanese localisation for the XB1.

Mikefizzled1118d ago

The games with TBA 2015 are microstudios so unsure release dates aren't uncommon.

Imortus_san1118d ago

How yeah, more Raiden, Dodonpachi is missing, and another Espagulda would also be fantastic.

PhoenixUp1118d ago

I really want to know what goes in a Japanese exec's head when they make an exclusive for Xbox One. That console hasn't even crossed 60k in Japan, which means the software will sell extremely low in that region. That is what games typically sell in their first week on ither platforms. Not to mention Japanese games don't sell well on Xbox One in other regions.

All that hard work and only to have a commercial flop when all is said and done.

gangsta_red1118d ago

They are probably thinking more of a world wide point of view and who knows it might not flop at all but become a success and a new hot IP that will continue.

Dlacy13g1118d ago

This...those games are likely being made with a worldwide release in mind.

PhoenixUp1118d ago

Historically there have been very few new Japanese IPs that were exclusive to an Xbox console that became a big hit. The only ones I can think of are Lost Planet and Dead Rising

BitbyDeath1118d ago

Deals were likely made before the console released.

Spectre_StatusN71118d ago

If Microsoft pays them and publishes the Japanese games it can flop all it wants, the developers get paid either way.

freshslicepizza1118d ago

well you still have a few options. one is to make games that will get worldwide appeal such as recore and scalebound to help generate more interest inside japan. two is to make games that will peak interest outside of japan. three is to utilize [email protected] you do not require a publisher and the development kits are free. updates are also free for them and they can charge their own pricing for the games they create.

Bigpappy1118d ago

Even if the games didn't sell well, I am sure they will be well compensated. Phil usually helps fund and publish 3rd party games that he makes exclusive deals with.

I can tell you that Scale Bond and Recore excite the Xbox community in a massive way. Those games have massive potential and the Hype continues to be high. Now it they were linier, turn based or slow game with lots of cut scenes, I would join you in the pessimistic outlook. These games are not being made for Japan just because the developers happen to be Japanese. That is actually very narrow minded of you.

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Automatic791118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I have say very good list I had no idea the Xbox had that many games coming out of Japan.

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