Report Reveals Kids Just Aren’t into PC and Console Gaming Like They Used to Be

Has the mobile revolution hit the younger generation of gamers?

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DarkOcelet1174d ago

Great, now lets hope they stay away from mature multiplayer games so we can have a decent community again and less screams.

Letthewookiewin1173d ago

Also, video games have grown up, they have become a medium for adults mostly and more acceptable as time goes on. The average gamer is 35 I read somewhere.

DarkOcelet1173d ago

It should be acceptable because games are a great stress relievers especially when someone had a bad day at work and whatnot.

No one should be ashamed because they play games.

Zotaku871174d ago

It's funny - I play the odd mobile game, but I don't even consider most of them to be "proper" games. Like if I start one and don't finish, I don't add it to my backlog because it's not a REAL game, right? Right??

PC & consoles 4 life. /stuckinoldways

Mystogan1174d ago

I play order and chaos for like 5 minutes. It's a very good game. But I just can't seem to get into it. I think it's because i use my phone too much to do other stuff. Like when a message comes in I open the message and forget about the game. And then I remember i downloaded order and Chaos 3 days later and start playing and repeat the process all over again. Maybe mobile gaming is just not for me. But one game I can't wait to play is the new Pokemon game. If that can't get me into a mobile game no game ever will.

stuna11174d ago

That's just it. With your phone it does everything else proficient not tied into gaming, gaming comes secondary. With consoles/handhelds and dependent on what type of build your PC is, gaming is first and foremost with everything else taking on secondary priority.

LonDonE1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Agreed, i have 2 kids and both love console gaming over mobile.
In fact i am constantly bugged by them to stop playing so they can jump on instead.
My eldest daughter loves my ps4 :( and both hammer the wiiu with the wife.

I will eventually buy a slim ps4/slim x1 to keep them off my console and cutting into my game time since work keeps my time limited.
I do it every gen, i love having a gaming family (promise no lie lol)

mobile games are not considered true games by them!

Kalebninja1174d ago

Well II find the opposite true when playing Garry's mod.

Niceman911174d ago

Statistics show that there are more mobile games being bought, downloaded and played than console and PC. However, this really isn't anything to shout or even worry about in my opinion. Sure, more developers will create the occasional mobile game and companion apps will become more prevalent, but I very much doubt that this will sway the gaming industry like most articles claim. The reason why mobile gaming is extremely popular is because an overwhelming majority of people own mobile phones where games can be played on. Most games are free, others you'll have to pay for, and allot of them have in-app purchases which is where the money is generated.

LonDonE1173d ago

Agreed plus mobile games are dirt cheap!

SpinalRemains1381173d ago

Right. Its what one does on the train or toilet.

Real gaming is done for long sessions sometimes. Mobile IS casual.

iceman061173d ago

This is exactly it. Kids don't have disposable income (for the most part). So, it only makes sense that they might gravitate more toward an environment where they can get their gaming fixes for free. If they were to put consoles, PC games, and mobile on that equal playing field (where things were more readily FREE), would the same thing still apply? I highly doubt it.
Anecdotally, I work with kids and I have NEVER heard them talking about the next big mobile release. However, let a CoD, GTA, or Madden come around and its all you hear about. (bragging about getting it, having it, or getting it as a gift for Christmas, Birthdays, etc.)

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