Heroes of Handheld 108: Gravity Rush 2 abandons PS Vita & The Nintendo 3D Conspiracy

Episode 108 of Heroes of Handheld, dedicated to handheld gaming. We discuss the Tokyo Game Show, Gravity Rush 2, Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter X.

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heedstone1119d ago

Another nail in the coffin for Vita. Oh well it had a good run!

nodim1118d ago

It's still running pretty much the same as the last two years though.

3-4-51118d ago

Vita is still getting World of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Builders, Trails in the Sky SC, Trails: Cold Steal 1&2.......Vita will last for a while it just won't ever have as good of a game selection as it should have.

specialguest1118d ago

Definitely the final traditional playstation handheld.

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Nonscpo1117d ago

What do you mean no major announcements coming out of TGS! What about Dangan Ronpa 3?