NYC Gym Explains $110 Wii Fit Program

Ripten writes:

"So I just got done reading that a Manhattan NY gym by the name of Gravity Fitness instituted a Wii Fit program for $110 per hour. Curious to find out exactly what the program would entail, I decided to give them a ring."

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Nostradavis4311d ago

The interview is funny. The woman is so certain that the Wii Fit will make you fit.

Nostradavis4311d ago

Yea. It's not as bad if you bring a few other people with you I guess because the price according to the woman stays the same, but I wonder if she meant its 110 per person and just found a shady way of saying it that was misleading.

Arivall4311d ago

That's cute. They had a moment.

zo6_lover274311d ago

This statement made me laugh.
"Well, they have Wii Fit now, which is to make you fit. It’s specifically to make you fit, and its like, it has the exercises, and it has the pad you step on, and you also use the Wii controls. They have you swinging your arms and doing stuff. It’s a certain program to the video game that has to do with getting fit."

That woman really thinks Wii Fit was intended to make you fit.

Nostradavis4311d ago

I hear ya. I am not sure she believes that. I bet it's more about her being paid to say that.

SolidSnake934311d ago

People have to learn about the outdoors.

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