Kids Move Away From Home Computers For Gaming In Droves

This shift has occurred as now only 45 percent of kids ages 2-17 are gaming on a home computer, down 22 percentage points since 2013. This decline is seen among all of the kids’ age groups, but is most pronounced among those ages 2-5.

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stuna11217d ago

Brace yourselves there going to be trouble!

I think it's pretty obvious that PC gaming was/is losing ground to mobile gaming. For that matter so is console gaming.

But combining console/handheld gaming fom last as well as this generation put up some huge figures against PC gaming, not to mention everyone that owns a PC doesn't necessarily own it for gaming purposes, but everyone that owns a console/handheld own it for the purpose of gaming.

Rimeskeem1217d ago

All gaming platforms are at an all time high, however, some are moving faster than others

sorceror1711216d ago

The article says that the PC used to be the "gateway to gaming" for kids, and now it's mobile. Thing is, I've got four kids, that happen to spaced about two years apart each. And I can confirm that - all of them play plenty on mobile.

But the older ones still play plenty on the PC. I have to kick them off my computer on the regular. And so far as I can see, the younger ones are 'graduating' to consoles and PC over time.

This may not be 'the death of PC' so much as the PC is what kids move to when they're older.

DevilOgreFish1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

In my day pc wasn't the top platform for kids either. It was Gameboy in my neighborhood. PC became a top platform with the young groups in the millennium because of MySpace and Facebook.

And with the introduction of smart phones and tablets it's merged a population of both portable gamers and social networking. They can now do both from their devices. that's actually the state that Japan's in right now.

I still believe though in having my separate devices for gaming.

Hoffmann1216d ago

They get older and switch to PC /consoles.

Roccetarius1216d ago

Indeed, they get smarter and switch to where the quality time is.

FinalFantasyFanatic1216d ago

Personally, I tried to get back into PC gaming but the whole steam/digital movement was a massive turn off for me. I have a decent PC for gaming but a really crappy internet connection so consoles and handhelds are more appealing to me.

uth111216d ago

Does that mean Minecraft is losing steam with the kids?

raWfodog1216d ago

At least with my kids it is. They very rarely play Minecraft anymore and are far more engaged with Roblox now, especially my youngest (8 years old).