Iwata: Nintendo may slow down the new peripheral parade

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently had a little chit-chat with the Wall Street Journal, letting it know that his company's plethora of purchasable peripherals polluting shelves could possibly slow down.

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Zerodin4390d ago

But I have several jokes about touching things with other things!

ape0074390d ago

anyone eats that cake will have

RROD out of his eyes

ape0074390d ago

I will begin to eat the controller first

jams_shop4390d ago

If they don't slow down there will be a peripheral to press "A" very soon

littletad4390d ago

Is a "finely" crafted device filled with cheap parts from different regions to make it even more... cheap. The fact is, even if the motion-plus is affordable, the jokes still on us.

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